Chin Na (Standing Submission/Jointlocking)

The Chin Na class at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Question: What exactly is Chin Na? Is it an actual style of kung fu?
Answer: Chin na is not a style, rather it is a way of moving that can fit within many
different styles. It is Chinese grappling

Chin Na is a Chinese term that describes a collection techniques for self defense
used in the Chinese martial arts. “Chin” means to seize or trap, “na” means to lock or break.
The capture skills of Chin Na are used as a means to control an opponent through the use of close
combat skills such as joint locking, grabbing, striking and pressure on acupuncture “cavities” or
pressure points.

Chin na is a good skill to have regardless of age. At higher levels, opponents cannot grab a hold of you without being countered. You do not need to be physically conditioned to apply Chin Na skills, it only requires coordination..

These kinds of skills are useful for all martial artists. The advantages to learning Chin Na are many.

First, the movements of Chin Na require skill but not brute strength. Skill can always be developed through practice. Strength is something that is helpful but not required. These Grappling techniques are used to subdue the enemy with skillful movements and ingenious exertion of power. The basic idea of Chin Na is to capture and seize the enemy’s limbs giving the practitioner total control over of the opponents body. Chin Na uses the principles of leverage and body alignment to overcome a physically stronger opponent. Chin Na techniques also involve the study and use of pressure points to enhance the efficiency of the leverage techniques applied by the practitioner.

Second, Chin Na allows for the option of controlling and disabling opponents without causing serious harm. It is a compassionate martial art. Because of its origin in Buddhism, it allows the possibility of defeating an attacker without seriously harming him or her.

Third, it provides real-life, usable, legal self-defense.

Chin Na does not take years to learn.

Because the system relies on principles of leverage, all of the techniques can be learned with just a few tries and the practitioner can develop their own techniques based on their own way of applying.

Chin Na or Chinese Grappling can fit into any martial arts system. The act of controlling and outwitting adversaries leads to greater confidence. It encourages you to face adversity with the belief that you can overcome it. Chin Na cultures the belief that as one path closes another one opens, building your ability to seize new opportunities.

The Chin Na class is open to all prospective students and you do not need to have any prior experience in order to join. We specialize in teaching beginners.