Olympic Style Judo

The Judo class at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Question: What exactly is Judo? Where did Judo come from? How did it originate?
Answer: Judo is an Olympic sport that originated in Japan as a fighting art derived from Jujitsu

Judo is a martial art that comes from Japan.The word Judo translates from Japanese to English as “the gentle way” As a martial art, it was created pretty recently. in the year 1882 a man by the name of Jigoro Kano founded the art of Judo by taking what he though were the best techniques of Japanese Jujitsu

Japanese characters for Judo

One of the defining characteristics of Judo is the competitive aspect called randori in which practitioners wrestle on another in an effort to throw or submit each other to win the match.

Judo is a sport martial art, meaning that many techniques that are considered dangerous are prohibited. Strikes to an opponents vital areas, such as the eyes, throat and groin are outlawed. Judo has set of rules that govern how to compete using the techniques that are permitted.

Judo is a very good martial art for children to learn because of its competitive nature. Judo training develops self confidence, discipline and a type of wrestling fitness that cannot be achieved any other way.

The ultimate goal of Judo, like all other martial arts, is not to develop mastery over others, but rather mastery over oneself.