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The Tai Chi Class at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

What you are about to read is a very simple idea that can save you a lifetime of pain and suffering. This idea has been tested over the course of hundreds of years by the some of the longest lived people on the planet, and now it’s your turn to get the same benefits that the Chinese people have been receiving for hundred of years.

When you enroll in Tai Chi classes, it enables you to walk more easily, have more stamina, and generally enjoy your life more than you thought possible.
Listen: One of the best ways to improve your health and maintain a sense of calm balance in your life is to practice the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is actually the most popular form of exercise on the planet! When you enroll in Tai Chi classes, (also known as Taiji or Tai Chi Chuan), it enables you to walk more easily, have more stamina, and generally enjoy your life more than you thought possible. In other words, this gentle form of exercise can prevent or ease many of the symptoms of aging and is something you can actually practice for the rest of your life.

However, there is a drawback. You see, in order to gain all of the benefits that Tai Chi has to offer, you must practice it daily. It’s as simple as that.

You see, I teach 2 classes of Tai Chi every week at my school in Henderson, NV. The Tai Chi classes are held on Monday and Friday Evenings. I would very much like you to become a student at my martial arts school. For those of you whose schedules are tight, I also have private one on one Tai Chi instruction.

Are you in pain?

I am in my late thirties and early in life I was taught the mantra ‘no pain -no gain’ When I first encountered Tai Chi it was hard for me to see where the benefits would come from – it looked too easy and slow to offer any kind of workout. Sure, the classes were relaxing and I always felt rejuvenated afterward, but health benefits?….

It wasn’t until I had been in class for about 1 month before I realized exactly what Tai Chi had been doing for me. Tai Chi gave me more balance, (and I had been a martial artist for about 10 years by the time I started Tai Chi), a great sense of relief from all of the stress that had been going on in my life and the Tai Chi class also alleviated the pain I had been experiencing in my joints.

No pain, big gains

You see, the art of Tai Chi originally was originally developed for use in self-defense situations. Over time though, Tai Chi evolved into a beautiful and graceful form of exercise. Tai Chi is now often described as “meditation in motion”. When you practice Tai Chi, you will move slowly and gently. You will learn movements do not leave you breathless, yet still manage to focus on three major components of health, which are; — muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.

Here’s some of the evidence:

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]”Tai Chi strengthens both the lower and upper extremities and also the core muscles of the back and abdomen.” ~ Dr. Gloria Yeh – assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.[/pullquote] Muscle strength.In 2006, a publication called Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine reported on a study conducted by researcher at Stanford University. This study used 39 women and men who’s average age was 66 years old. The subjects were also considered to be below average in fitness and had at least one cardiovascular risk factor . After practicing Tai Chi for just 12 weeks, they showed improvement in both lower AND upper body strength. “Although you aren’t working with weights or resistance bands, the unsupported arm exercise involved in Tai Chi strengthens your upper body. “Tai Chi strengthens both the lower and upper extremities and also the core muscles of the back and abdomen.” ~ Dr. Gloria Yeh – assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

Flexibility. The forms or routines found in Tai Chi consist of very slow, circular, flowing motions that coordinate with your breathing. These low impact motions disguise high levels of joint rotations found in the techniques. Practicing Tai Chi will not give you the flexibility to jump into the full splits, but it does give you flexibility within your joints, which is essential to longevity and having a good quality of life at an older age.

Balance. Most people do not realize that moving slowly can actually be more challenging than moving fast. When stepping from one posture to another, you are forced to momentarily balance on one foot. This is performed repeatedly within the form and gives you a great increase in your ability to balance. One of your greatest chances you have of PREVENTING injury, especially at an older age, is to work on your balance. The fear of falling can sometimes preclude you from doing the things you want to do.

Tai Chi also has many movement or techniques in which you shift your body weight from one foot to the other while in stance. This weight shifting practice is the key to why Tai Chi is so good for your sense of balance. Your typical day is filled with tests of your balance and agility, For example a simple task such as carrying groceries to the car requires much balance and ability to shift ones weight. You are usually not aware of how much balance you need on a daily basis until you lose some of that ability.

When you attend my Tai Chi class you will find that class always has 3 parts:

  • A warm-up that focuses on loosening the joints. The warmup includes easy to perform motions such as arm and neck circles, twisting of the waist and hips, and rotating the knees and ankles. These type of warmups leave you feeling light and limber. The warmup is very mild and you will not break a sweat. The movements of Tai Chi are so gentle that you will feel invigorated after doing class rather than exhausted.
  • Instruction and practice of Tai Chi routines. Routines are often called forms. Memorizing the forms is the first step toward being in the moment and using Tai Chi as a means of increasing mental concentration. I will teach you a short series of movements which you can then practice at home. The concentration and focus required when practicing the Tai Chi forms is what forces you to live within the moment and put aside the stresses of your modern day lifestyle.
  • Push hands training. Training in push hands (Also called ‘Tui Shou’) involves you partnering up with another student. You will both learn to move in rhythm and practice the movements of Tai Chi while ‘connected’ to each through pushing and pulling on each others arms. When you practice this type of circular hand exercise, you become hyper-aware of both your own center of gravity and sense of balance as well as your partner’s center of gravity. This is the first step toward TRULY understanding the authentic art of Tai Chi.

Who can learn Tai Chi?

Anyone can learn Tai Chi… well that is…anyone who is motivated enough to prioritize coming to classes. There are no physical requirements. Even someone who has never done anything athletic in their life can learn Tai Chi. If you are coordinated enough to walk you are coordinated enough to learn from me. What this means is, that you can get started even if you aren’t in top shape or the best of health. Of course it will take you some time before you start to excel at Tai Chi, but ANYTHING of value requires time and effort. It is only through learning Tai Chi correctly that you will see the benefits of it. Well, does all this sound like a lot of work to you? Well, actually, it’s not really. True, there is a little effort to get set up for classes but… after that…it will become part of your weekly routine.

So, if you are serious about receiving all the benefits that Tai Chi practice has to offer coming to class twice a week should be a snap. Just click above where it says “Contact”… then… you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see a form to fill out. This form send an email to my personal account, which I check daily. Once I receive your message, I or my wife wife Renee will call you back at the number you have provided. Remember that when entering your info you are also signing up to receive our auto responder, emails. These emails contain both special offers from our school and newsletters with training advice and tips. Of course you don’t want to be subscribed to our email list, the best way to contact us is still by phone. Call us now at 702-336-1095 Either myself or my wife will answer your call.