Wing Chun Kung Fu

The Wing Chun class at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Question: What is the difference between Wing Chun Kung Fu and Shaolin Kung Fu?
Answer: Wing Chun and Shaolin are very closely related. In fact, some of the techniques are IDENTICAL. The art of wing chun is integrated into the adult class at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy. If you are looking for a pure Wing Chun Class, this is probably not the right school for you.

Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Las Vegas School

Wing Chun Kung Fu, also spelled Ving Tsun Gong Fu, is a Chinese fighting system that emphasizes close range combat. The style focuses on sensitivity training. Sensitivity is the ability to “feel” the opponents energy and redirect its force. Wing Chun first and foremost strive to be a practical fighting system. Wing Chun practitioners are not concerned with modifying the art to become a competitive sport martial art. There are no Wing Chun Tournaments. The Wing Chun student takes a very logical and scientific approach to fighting. Wing Chun is not just a collection of different techniques but rather a way or method of training that uses a core set of guiding principles.

These principles allows Wing Chun to be a integrated fighting system while still allowing freedom for refinement

Being able to “freestyle” while constantly adhering to Wing Chun’s principles is the ultimate goal of all its practitioners. Bruce Lee, one of the most famous martial artist of all time, used Wing Chun as the basis of the art he created and named Jeet Kune Do.

The style of Wing Chun has many characteristics that when put together make it a unique art; All Wing Chun techniques strive to be practical. There are no movements that are superfluous in nature. Simple direct movements will always overcome more complicated techniques.

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  • Wing Chun is a close range system. Ideal fighting distance for the Wing Chun practitioner is fist, and elbow range. The style emphasizes being able to stick to your opponent and keep the distance consistent at all times.
  • Wing Chun values speed over power. A weak fast punch that is too fast to be avoided is better than a powerful slow punch that can be dodged or deflected.
  • Attacking the opponents centerline whenever possible is another philosophy of the system. The human body’s most vulnerable striking targets, such as the eyes, throat and groin, are considered to be on or near this line.
  • Most striking in Wing Chun Kung Fu are linear in nature. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The shorter the distance your hands have to travel, the faster you are.
  • Whenever possible, both arms will be used to block and strike in one movement. This allows for Simultaneous attack and defense.
  • Wing Chun techniques are executed in a relaxed manner, during both practice and in actual fighting.

Wing Chun as a system will always attempt to teach the reason behind the movement or technique. Thus students of Wing Chun avoid “going through the motions” without ever learning how to apply them in a real life situation. Also, the Wing Chun practitioner does not need to be taught any set, specific sequences of moves by their instructor. Instead the principals of Wing Chun Kung Fu guide the student and permit them to flow and adapt to any situation.
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