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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Written by lvshaolin

Are you or your child feeling sluggish? Are you struggling with self-confidence or self-discipline and focus? Want to lose weight and get back in shape?

The benefits of martial arts could be the answer you're seeking. Martial arts provides a variety of benefits for the body and the mind, including stronger physical well being and better brain health.

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Benefits Of Martial Arts

Whether you're a child or an adult, practicing the art and the philosophy of martial arts can get and keep you in top form for a healthier body and a stronger mind.

In this post, you'll discover seven main benefits of martial arts. Without further delay, let's go!

1. Self Confidence

Sometimes we doubt our abilities when we compare ourselves to others. We see other people getting better grades or co-workers receiving promotions at work. We may struggle to believe in our worth when we face challenging circumstances in life.

But the truth through martial arts training, we can rise above these feelings of low self-confidence. Martial arts strengthens our inner being with practice. One of the main benefits of martial arts training is that it develops a strong sense of confidence and sense of self.

Renee Tai chi

In class, students practice confidence-building skills. The techniques taught in martial arts, whether it's kung fu or karate, or another discipline, build self-esteem skills.

Some of these skills include strengthening mental concentration and developing the patience needed to expand our capabilities so we can move past our perceived limitations. 

How Training Helps You Get The Benefits Of Martial Arts

When students practice the techniques of martial arts, they get back a sense of achievement. While perfection takes time to master, attainment of surpassing each level brings confidence and self-esteem.

Students in training discover qualities they didn't know they had when they push their limits in martial art training. When they uncover these abilities, it enables students to gain confidence within themselves.

To add, having the ability to defend ourselves creates more self-assurance in our minds. And it feels great!

The confidence we gain through martial arts goes beyond the martial arts classroom. We take it with us into our everyday lives: to our families, our work environments, and in our school setting and interactions.

2. Reduces Stress

Martial arts exercises increase brain health. Doing these exercises in martial arts classes provide an excellent way to relieve stress.

Stress is everywhere. When we're running late, we feel stress. When our boss gets mad at us, we feel stress. When we're asked to do tasks on top of other tasks, we feel anxious and frustrated. It can make us feel so stressed out.

But martial arts can enable us to lift these stresses through breathing and other exercises taught in class. It helps us keep away distractions and concentrate on what we need to accomplish without getting sidetracked.

Another way martial arts helps relieve stress is by releasing endorphins. When this happens, it helps us fight off stress-related illnesses.

In class, we learn self-discipline. This allows us to stay focused on our goals and keep stress at bay. 

3. Cardiovascular Health

One of the biggest stress-related disorders occurs in our cardiovascular systems. Cardiovascular stress can be the main cause of a heart attack. Cardiovascular health is strongly linked to getting the proper amount of exercise.

But it's not always easy. Especially when many of us have jobs and take classes in school that requires us to be sedentary.

The age of computers has made it more difficult to get exercise. We sit most of the day while we perform our daily responsibilities.

According to the CDC, only 29.9% of people get enough exercise. It's essential that we exercise for cardiovascular health.

Drill exercises during martial arts training is a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance because it increases our heart rate. 

4. You Become More Athletic

Do you want to run a longer distance in track? Sprint faster? Jump higher when you play basketball? 

Martial arts strengthens our muscle groups and enhances our physical abilities more than most workouts do.

The techniques taught in class, not only train your legs and arms, but they work your entire body. Training our whole body rather than isolated parts improves our athletic abilities. This helps us go faster and further than we did before.

Did you know many celebrity athletes cross train in martial arts? It's no wonder. By training every muscle group, they're strengthening their bodies from head to toe. This can prevent sports injuries that occur to many professional athletes.

5. Builds Character

One of the greatest benefits of martial arts is that the practice helps our children (and ourselves) build character.

In class, we study philosophies that makes us aware of ourselves and our environment. These teachings and principles teach us about honor, perseverance, courage, and respect.

6. Coordination And Focus Improves

Other benefits of martial arts include developing stability and motor coordination. This is something students learn when they defend themselves against attacks in class.

Practicing the techniques require focus and self-awareness. The blocking techniques and specific moves learned in sessions enable students to build motor coordination and increase concentration and focus.

7. Fights Obesity

It's no secret that children in the United States struggle with obesity.

In fact, the Center for Disease Control reports that one in five school-aged children suffer from obesity. The article reported that childhood obesity has tripled since the 1970s. But what has made it increase so much?

Mia Exercising

The Takeaway On The Benefits Of Martial Arts

Now you know seven powerful benefits of martial arts. Whether you study kung fu, karate or another martial art discipline, martial arts provides a set of skills that improves your child's state of mind and overall health.

Our Nevada-based martial arts academy offers a variety of classes for children and adults. Contact us today to experience the benefits of martial arts.

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