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The Kawada Family

Instructors Kevin, Renee, And Isaac Kawada - Owners of the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

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"It is a true Academy - offering expert instruction in several arts besides Kung Fu."

I have been in and around the martial arts for 30 years and can testify that Mr. and Mrs. Kawada are the real deal when it comes to doing AND teaching the martial arts. They embody the Aloha spirit and run their school with a high level of integrity. They balance the old school methods of Asian training with modern 21st century Western methods. They are open minded to learning which makes them open minded when teaching. They can easily adapt the curriculum to any individual's limitations, needs and goals. It did not take me long as a student to realize that this is a place I want to train in as both a student and an instructor for the long term. It is a true Academy - offering expert instruction in several arts besides Kung Fu. It is a wonderful place for kids and they offer Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, and other special events like movie nights for them. It is EQUALLY a wonderful place for adults who are both new as well as experienced in the martial arts. For people who are new, the instructors and students are very patient in working with you as you learn and for those experienced, your experience is valued and respected. As you search for martial arts training for either yourself and/or your kids, it is definitely a school you'd want to put on your list to visit and try out.

Kim Martial Arts Student

Kim F.

Jeet Kune Do Student

"I don't think the overall changes my life has encountered since meeting you can truly be expressed in words."

I don't think the overall changes my life has encountered since meeting you can truly be expressed in words...

Upon joining your school in May, my life has undergone many and refreshing changes. I have always looked into studying kung fu, but fear and schedule difficulties make it a challenge. Since taking the class I have learned a lot about my physical self as well as a refreshing look in to how I look at things around me in the world. i have improved concentration, reflexes, stamina and endurance.

My self value has risen and it's expressed in my work and in dealing with my clientele. My own mother doesn't even recognize me anymore. The patience you exhibit while instructing strives others to do better in your school's classes. You comfort level and leadership qualities make coming to class fun and exciting. Allowing myself to push myself with no fear of how you or any of my peers view it.

I think everyone should try this class, the level of enhancement between the mind body relationship is improved after the first week. Things just start to move a lot better in the way you think and the way tasks are accomplished. Kevin and Renee are always ready for the information to be taken from them, and I for one am so respectful and happy that they have taken the time to instruct others in the way that have enriched theirs and many other lives. With the utmost respect,


Frank N.


"II strongly recommend training with Instructor Kevin"

At a time and age where martial arts has become a common commodity, it is extremely rare to find someone who has dedicated his life into pursuing martial arts the way Instructor Kevin has. I had the privilege of learning martial arts from Instructor Kevin for over a year now and have always been amazed by the amount of passion and commitment he has devoted to his craft

Given Instructor Kevin's willingness to share his knowledge to those who are eager to learn, I strongly recommend training with Instructor Kevin,

JKD Student

Mark K.


"The Kung Fu Academy has a great new studio and awesome instructors."

The Kung Fu Academy has a great new studio and awesome instructors. I love the variety of styles that they teach and their friendliness and care of the students. It's like a family. I always walk away feeling better about what I learned and having got a workout. My son comes too and also loves it. So happy to have found somewhere as welcoming and challenging as The Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy!

Stella H Jeet Kune Do Student

Stella H.


Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy
Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

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