Mind Over Emotion

By lvshaolin

Control over your emotions is easy to talk about, as we all know, it's harder to do and if we can develop at a young age, the ability to control our emotions for it's gonna keep us from saying and doing things we might regret later on and so we broke an essential for weekly discussion topics its mind over motion

Mind over emotion, body over emotion, balance over emotion, words over emotion and these are just different strategies that people can use that can keep them from blowing their cool when they're angry okay, or doing something foolish when they're afraid.

In every class we are going to ask what it means to have good self control, why is important and give an example having good self control.

Because this draws everybody in your conversation and gets them thinking about answers even if they are just standing there they're probably thinking about the answers and it makes it different from just simply a lecture format. It keeps the kids involved and once again we want to encourage participation

So if a hand pops up in the answers in is not actually how you want or maybe it's totally off base, you certainly want to appreciate their input, you wanna let them know you're happy they volunteered because once you start saying no or stop it that's wrong I like that pretty soon you're not gonna have the participation. So this is a chance for kids to feel really comfortable and safe You want them saying what's on their mind and not worrying about anything. You want them to know they're not going to get in trouble if they speak up.


The phrase this month is gonna be a mighty person is one who has control over their emotions

This week we are talking about having good self control.

Someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger has a certain amount physical strength certain type of be mighty but you know what the mightiest person is somebody has control over their emotions and actually can make friends of their enemies

is somebody that doesn't get mad anytime somebody stairs says or does something to make them irritated , this is someone who has control over their emotions.

If you can do that, and it's not easy to do, but boy it makes life a lot easier.

I want you to repeat after me.

a mighty person her is one less control over their emotions

We are going to be talking about several different ways to control our emotions this month we're gonna start out with mind over emotion

Mind over emotion means that what we think about can change how we feel.

For example alright let's imagine that we just found out that we won the lottery. Now I all the sudden when a good mood some little thing that happens at school, guess what we're not even that upset why because we're already in a really good mood okay well what we're thinking about determines how you think affects how we feel.

How many of you have been angry before? How ,any of you have been mad before?
How many of you said or did something you wish you wouldn't have because you're angry or mad

Well you know what what happens when you become angry or you become mad you think differently.

Logic and emotion are like oil and water. When you become angry or afraid your adrenaline kicks in are your body changes a little bit and you're likely to say or do something you might regret later on.

So what we are going to do is think up different things that we can think of to keep us from getting angry.

Now the first thing that I want you to think about is that if you see somebody loses her temper

Rather than saying Whoa that guy is mad, that's cool or something like that I want you to look at that as a sign of weakness because that's what it is.

When you see someone yells and screams or lose their temper is that childlike are grown up like?

Alright so once you're aware that losing control your temper is childlike, guess what you just that alone you're less likely to lose your temper.

Giving an example would be what if you're playing with something and I reach over and grab it.

Now if you have good self control how might she respond?
So all of a sudden we got a fight going on.

Now another way, I could take it but if she has good self control have how might she respond this time?

Now is that guaranteed to work?

That's not going to work every time but could it work?

It certainly could and It's always a a good idea to do that's demonstrates self control and it's not always easy there's times when you're gonna wanna flare up but you think up it's a sign of weakness if I do that I want to maintain the self control.

everyone repeat one more time mind over emotion.

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