I Have So Much To Be Grateful For

By lvshaolin

I have so much to be grateful for: a wonderful wife, two great kids, excellent health and a rewarding career. As a matter of fact, probably 97% of my life is absolutely perfect. In my better moments I know this. The challenge is…I’m not always in one of my better moments. When I’m not, I find myself focused on the 3% that’s not right yet. Sometimes, I can let a trivial thing get in the way of a great day.

For example, one morning a while back, I jumped in the shower only to find out we had no hot water. It was late November and I was cold even before those little icy droplets took the breath out of me, but after… let's just say it took a blow dryer, a wool blanket and a whole lot of hot tea before I could get my lips back to their normal color. It took a couple of days before we could coordinate the repair work on our water heater and boy did I miss my hot shower. After it was repaired, I found myself extremely appreciative of this little modern miracle we call “hot running water.”

Every now and then I try to take a moment to reflect on how cool it is to just twist a knob and have clean, hot water stream down my back. Then that gets me thinking about what else I have in my life, right now, that I might be taking for granted. I probably couldn’t tell you everything that is on my list, but I can tell you that it is extremely long and chances are, your list probably just as long as mine.

I challenge you, as I’m challenging myself, to take some time every day to think about all the things in your life that you have to be grateful for. There is a lot for sure, you just have to be mindful enough to notice.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season, and many things to be greatful for in the days ahead!

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