Give your child a Summer they will never forget... This is the bar none, best Summer Camp your child can do during the break!

Like every parent, you want a safe and structured Summer camp, great supervision, and something exciting and fun for your child.

Summer Camp Pricing

One day of Summer camp

1 child 1 full day of Summer camp




2 Kids One Week Of Summer camp

2 children 1 full week of Summer camp




Las Vegas Summer Camps

Dear fellow parent,

How will your child spend the summer? Do you need them to stay busy and not on their tablet all day long?

I know how you feel. No one wants their child to be sitting around the house doing nothing.

What if you could design the perfect Summer for your child?

You want a camp that isn't just loads of fun but can also give your child learn essential social skills, self-esteem independence, and self-confidence.

You want your child to gain all of these traits that will eventually help your child transition into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult!

Well, If your child could design a perfect Summer, I know that they would probably include plenty of new friends, new activities to do every day, and a cool place to play when the temperature hits 112 degrees.

If you could design the perfect Summer for yourself, you would stay busy and productive while being assured that your child is in activities where they are learning something of value and are having fun at the same time.

Just imagine being able to drop off your child to Summer camp, every day, from 8 a.m. in the morning to 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

You would finally be able to get to all pesky errands and chores you have been meaning to get to but never had the chance.

Or maybe even…. finally have some time for yourself!

Finally... A Summer camp that your child will be begging to go back to every week.

Register now before your child misses out. Our camps sell out every Summer. We do a cap of 30 kids per week.

We're looking for kids that will absolutely love this kind of training.

Sign up to receive a voucher good for 1 day of camp. Your child will be able to try it out with absolutely no risk to you. Normally, one day of camp is $45. (You can see for yourself on the shop sections of our website).

Take advantage of this opportunity before spaces run out.


In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging exercises that will prepare them to be well- rounded athletes. Our Kids exercises consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive and general.

The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play-pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump.

Our workouts will increase physical competence in 10 fitness domains:

Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.


Who doesn’t love sword fighting? We teach the kids actual techniques from kung fu. Sword fighting lets off a ton of energy.

The kids barely will notice that they are working out hard. The padded swords are soft enough that no one will ever get hurt.

Of course, the kids will still need to wear protective gear. We do padded weapons every Tuesday & Thursday in our Summer camp.


Teaching kids social skills may not be as important to some parents as making sure that their child's academics are up to par. Many kids today have not learned basic social etiquette and what is considered appropriate behavior in social situations that they must navigate daily.

Displaying a lack of calibration in social situations is likely to contribute to rejection from group activities and can eventually lead to kids withdrawing into themselves.

I believe that teaching kids how to interact in social situations is a big part of a lot becoming a victim of bullying and can have a lasting effect on their life. Having a strong social circle is important for kids self-esteem and their internal sense of belonging.

One of the very first skills to teach your child is how to make new friends.


Here's how the game works, the goal is to knock all of the cones down. Whatever team knocks down all of their cones firsts wins.

The games are instructor lead. Some are competitive. Some are based on a physical skill such as balance and agility. While others emphasize more on teamwork and communication.

In truth, all games require listening and focus.


Nerf wars are a blast! We play a game called medic. This is how the game works. There will be 2 teams and each team will choose a medic. The medic is the only person that can revive people. If you get hit with a Nerf dart you have to sit down.

Nerf wars are one of the most popular games that we have. Some of the games for nerf are - sharpshooter, capture the flag, dual. The competition gets fierce between 2 teams. Nerf is played every Wednesday & Friday in our Summer camp.

Summer Camp Schedule

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 2:30pm. Late pick up available (additional fee). Late pick up needs to be arranged ahead of time.

  •  May 31st to June 3rd
  • June 6th to June 10th
  • June 13th to June 17th
  • June 20th to June 24th
  • June 27th to July 1st
  • July 5th to July 8th
  • July 11th to July 15th
  • July 18th to July 22nd
  • July 25th to July 29th
  • Aug 1st to Aug 5th

The 3 biggest benefits your child gets by coming to Summer camp - We teach much more than just kicking and punching

Nerf Wars


First, let me tell you about self-confidence or self-esteem building. This is the biggest one.

Success is a habit that can be cultivated and nurtured.

The games and activities that we play are set up so that as your child plays them, they become just a bit more challenging every time we reset. Within the games are “mini” goals which are attainable through the exertion of effort.

Slowly, your child will be able to develop the habit of continuous success through little steps and progressions.

We help and encourage them until they succeed Your child’s success and accomplishments are then recognized by giving them praise in front of everyone in Summer camp. When you build the student's self-esteem, their sense of self-worth grows.

Your child will begin to see himself as a competent martial artist and self-confidence comes from competence.

As your child advances in skill every day, their feeling of confidence will advance as well.

An increase in self-confidence for your child will have a cross over effect in other areas of their life. Other challenges in life, both physical and mental, will be met with much less fear.

The next biggest benefit your child gets is self control.

The next biggest benefit your child gets when they attend our Summer camps is the benefit of self-control. Self-control is the ability to control one’s thoughts, one’s body and one’s mouth when they are out of control.

Your child will not only learn what it means to be self-controlled but will practice it every day of Summer camp.

The very nature of a martial arts class is that it is disciplined. Our camps are no different.  The activities are structured and routine. One of the first lessons your child will learn is how to line up and get ready for class.

During this lineup, your child will be taught how to stand at ease, how to stand at attention, and how to do a stance we call “listening stance”

Our expectations are explained at the very beginning of the Summer camp. Your child will be able to take this knowledge and apply it outside of Summer camp. They will be able to go to school and know that self-control means to not talk while the teacher is talking.

The third biggest benefit your child will gain, is an increase in their social skills.

Your child will often have to tap into resources that they never had to call on before.

Your child will learn to get along with new types of people and try out new things. They will learn a drill we call “polite greeting”.

The polite greeting involves 4 parts. The 4 parts are eye contact, firm handshake, a smile, and a script.

Martial Arts Summer Camp For Kids
The script we teach the children is “Hi, my name is ______” then “Nice to meet you.”

Polite greetings are done every day regardless of whether the kids know each other. We liken it to martial arts practice. In martial arts many times we repeat what we already know to improve upon it.

With the polite greeting, we have the kids practice it so often it becomes second nature to them.

Children who are initially shy and withdrawn will learn the proper way to introduce themselves in social situations.

I believe this skill alone is priceless

Practicing social skills is a daily routine at Summer camp

In today's world of increased isolation, being part of a group of like-minded individuals can be invaluable. Everyone in our adult martial arts program is on the same path as you,
The first day of Summer camp can be a bit overwhelming. Especially, if your child is very shy.

If they don't know the instructors or they don't know what to expect to be nerve-wracking for a child.

The way your child will get over this is through icebreakers.

At the beginning of every camp your child will learn to greet other campers with a polite handshake.

Your child will feel comfortable from the very first day of Summer camp
By shaking hands and doing various icebreakers with the other campers every morning, your child will soon be able to remember each student's name. This is the very start of building friendships.

Usually, because this is repeated 5 times a day, your child will meet the goal we set for them, of remembering everyone's names by mid-week.
The other students are interested in the same goals. They are working toward improving and bettering themselves, just like you.

Being part of a tribe of people with similar values and goals lead to lasting friendships even outside of the school.


We've tried to answer any questions you might have but if we've missed something you can always call us at 702-336-1095.

Question: Do I have to be there at 8 am?

No it's ok to come whenever you want.

Question: How far in advance do I need to sign up?

Answer: As soon as possible we cap the camp at 30 kids total for each week.

Question: What do they need to bring?

Answer: Please pack a snack, drink and a home lunch (no nuts of any kind please). Also a small pillow and blanket for movie time.

Question: What does my child wear to Summer camp

Answer: Shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.

Question: What do they learn?

Answer: Focus, Concentration, Listening, Social Skills, Self Discipline, and Leadership through the learning of martial arts techniques. We teach them a variety of martial arts styles. The best way to teach all of these benefits is through play and games so the training is both fun and structured.

Question: Can we pick up kids at any time?

Answer: You can pick them up anytime. LAte piickup is extra and goes to 6 p.m.

Question: What is the age range for kids at Summer camp?

Answer: Our martial arts Summer camps are suitable for kids between the ages of 5 - 14 years.

Question: Does my child need to know some martial arts to enroll in your Summer camp?

Answer: No, our staff is great at breaking down and teaching the move or skill set for that particular day.

Question: How much are your Summer camps?

Answer: You can pay for Summer camp by the day or by the week. We give a discount for signing up for the whole week and for multiple kids.

Here’s what people are saying about our school.

Absolutely the best.

The instructors are all top-notch. They are serious about getting the kids proficient, but also keep the class fun with a great atmosphere.

Every one of the instructors have a lot of patience with the kids yet also stresses the focus, concentration, and discipline. Instructor Renee is great with the kids and we often find ourselves laughing at how she and the other instructors can make each class fun.

They are extremely structured and well organized, not like our previous school which had a lot of downtime and the kids would just run around.

I transferred my son here from a different Martial Arts school in the West side of town which I paid the same price for half the number of classes and not even close to the quality of the Kung Fu Academy. Even though its a further drive to get here, it is totally worth it!

Thank you so much Instructors Kevin and Renee!

Lyn Reynolds

We dropped the other summer camps, and just had our kids going here and they loved it.

My daughter is not one for martial arts, she wants to dance and sing and she still had a blast. She came back each day exhausted and full of smiles.

My son thoroughly enjoyed his time, and he's the one it was originally for. We'll be enrolling him in the classes after summer ends.

The staff is very courteous, helpful and caring. They don't care about trophies, pushy sales but a good environment. Their class schedule is pretty interesting, letting us pick and chose which classes to attend so my son won't get bored.

Jay S.

They loved every minute of it

Our sons, then entering 3rd & 5th grades, attended for 6 weeks last summer and LOVED every minute.

We felt that although it was "just" a summer camp, it was so, so much more. Instructors Renee and Isaac were professional and our kids had a blast connecting with them as they are very patient and friendly.

My kids came home smiling and laughing every day.

Thank you so much Instructors Kevin and Renee!

Shannon C.

They really make and effort to know each child.

Our daughter loves going to Summer camps. The instructors are all caring and qualified and really make an effort to get to know each child.

We have attended the Kung Fu Academy Summer camp. for over 4 years now. It's amazing how Renee and Isaac break down the techniques.

My daughter who is usually shy seemed to blossom in just one week. Isaac does a tremendous job of providing a great learning environment for her.

Susan M.

We would love to have your child as a Summer camp attendee!

However, like with anything, Martial Arts Summer camps are not for everyone. 98% of parents that try out our trial program, continue on for additional weeks. If you find that our camp is just "not a great fit", we have a 100% money back guarantee.

You can get a refund at any time during camps.

It all comes down to this...You literally have nothing to lose and all the world to gain.

Let me ask you this question?What is preventing you from signing up today? Now is the best time to get involved. We look forward to seeing you this Summer!


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Kevin And Renee Kawada



We, the staff and instructors of the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy hereby promise, that if during your Spring Break camps experience, for any reason you feel we have not been professional, courteous and always willing to help, or if you are not COMPLETELY, satisfied with our Spring Break camps, we will refund your enrollment fee up to 100%.

What's more, at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy, our success record speaks for itself. We strongly believe in serving each individual camper and the specific needs he or she may have. If you want a Summer Camp that will do everything it can to provide you a means of achieving the benefits you are looking for, then the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy Spring Break camps are for you.

Instructor Kevin and Renee Kawada

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