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Martial arts are a means to self improvement, not just a collection of self defense techniques.

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How Martial Arts Training Turned A Young Juvenile Delinquent Into A Martial Arts School Owner

Dear Future Student,

The very fact that you are reading this tells me a lot about you. It tells me that you want to improve yourself or that you want to have the very best for your child.

I would like to help you achieve your PERSONAL goals in the martial arts. I would like to help you get all of the benefits that martial arts classes have to offer.

My name is Kevin Kawada and I, along with my wife Renee, and my son Isaac are the owners of the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy.

We moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas in March of 2004. We have been teaching ever since.

Since that time, we have worked very hard to provide the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada areas with the best martial arts instruction and self-improvement training possible.

The Kawada Family

I started training in martial arts as a teenager

At that time in my life, I was getting into a LOT of trouble. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd.

But wait, it didn't stop there..

Unfortunately, I was staying out late without calling. Basically, I was a juvenile delinquent. In truth, I was my parent's worst nightmare come true..

Astonishing, isn't it?

Suffice to say I owe my parents a BIG apology!

Anyway, training had so many benefits to offer, but at this time in my life, I wasn't actively looking for them.

Honestly, I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world to be able to actually learn this stuff. However, it was only after a few months of training that I became aware of all of the benefits that training in martial arts had to offer.

Benefits like increased focus and concentration, confidence, and self-discipline became a huge part of my life

In other words, as I went to more and more classes, my life began to change.

Surprisingly, I began to apply the lessons of martial arts to my everyday life. Indeed, I found that I began to surround myself with like-minded individuals. Simultaneously, I began to spend less time with people who were content with being lazy, undisciplined and irresponsible.

Fortunately, I learned that the perseverance required to master a form (kata) was the same type of perseverance needed to write a college essay. I found that the mental toughness required for sparring helped me get through stressful times in my life. I learned that the self-discipline needed to get proficient with fighting was the same self-discipline required for finishing that work project on time.

Consequently, I began to approach problems in my life, in the same way I approached my training.

But you know what else? I realized that martial arts styles like Wing Chun, Karate, Muay Thai, Escrima, Arnis, Kali, Judo, Chinese Kung Fu, and Jeet Kune Do are not just ways of fighting, but rather they are ways or paths to learning about yourself.

You’re going to love this…

Best of all, I APPLIED what I was taught in martial arts classes to my life outside of the academy.

If the lessons of martial arts cannot improve you as a person, then what is the point? Martial arts instruction has little value in today's modern society, unless it can change you. The bottom line is, martial arts is really a way of life.

Training in martial arts is a never-ending quest for improvement. Training can be the most wonderful, life-changing, an activity that you experience.

In the end,, if you have what it takes to master the skills required of a style, you will, in essence, have mastered yourself.

It all comes down to this...

My life has been transformed by martial arts. I hope that it can do something similar for you. Better yet, if you are looking for top-notch martial arts instruction in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, we would like for you to come in and check us out. you won't regret it!


Kevin and Renee Kawada

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Would you like 2 Weeks OF Classes At Our School For Free? 


After the 2 weeks you will know if this is the right program for your needs.

It takes less than a minute.

Here are some things people are saying about our school:

"I believe that everyone should know a little bit of self defense in today's crazy world."

"In the past few months I have learned a lot in your self defense classes. I feel that everything that I have learned can be applied in the real world.

The atmosphere is super friendly. Everyone (not just the instructors) are willing to help and are very encouraging. I am not the fastest learner, so the way the instructor teaches is great for me.  Each person can go at their own pace.

After just a few months, I feel that I am at least somewhat prepared if I ever got into a fight. I am more confident knowing I am able to protect myself. Everyone should know a little bit of self defense in today's crazy world."

Mark K.

"I can’t was a phrase that I had gotten used to saying about my life. "

I have trained in many different fighting systems over the years, but instructor Kevin is the top instructor I have worked with. 

Instructor Kevin has a quality of humbleness and modesty. He is patient and encouraging.

He not only teaches the actual techniques, but also the reasons why it is done the way it is.

Instructor Kevin is extremely committed to BOTH the learning and teaching of Real Self Defense

Anthony P.

"Whenever I go out I don't have a fear that I will not know what to do if someone comes at me"

What really sets the Kung Fu Academy apart from other places that I have trained at, is that the instructor breaks down the movements so that anyone can understand them pretty quickly. 

Everything in the self defense classes is taught step by step.

For people who are able to learn quickly, instructor Kevin always makes sure to challenge them. you can progress in as little or as much time as you need. 

Whenever I go out I don't have a fear that I will not know what to do if someone comes at me. All the styles taught are effective and practical.

I feel that both my time and money are well spent at the Kung Fu Academy!

Randy D.

"My daughter will be going off to college soon and I really wanted her to know at least some self defense techniques before leaving home. "

"My 16-year old daughter and I attend the Kung Fu Academy Self Defense Classes together.

It has been such a wonderful experience for both of us. What I really like about the class is that they understand the fears that most parents go through.

My daughter will be going off to college soon and I really wanted her to know at least some self defense techniques before leaving home.

We are extremely grateful to both Instructor Renee and Instructor Kevin for putting my mind at ease, knowing that my daughter will be able to take care of herself should the need ever arise.

I have already recommended this class to 3 of my close friends.

Sherilyn N.

Martial Arts Styles Offered

Wing Chun is a close-quarters combat system. Speed and efficiency are its trademark.

Wing Chun uses sensitivity training to make fighting instinctive. When you can fight without thinking you perform at a much higher level.

You will learn how to build habits of how to react instantaneously to all self-defense situations. Wing Chun does not have complicated techniques that are unlikely to work in a real-life fight. Instead, Wing Chun simplifies its techniques and strategies so that you can be ready to defend yourself quickly.

Angelina Punching In Martial Arts Class

Shaolin Kung fu is an ancient system of combat. Long ago, the Buddhist monks who lived at the Shaolin Temple, need a way to defend themselves from attack. Their temple was built far into the mountains. If they were attacked there was no one around to protect them.

Thus, these peaceful monks added daily training in the art of Kung fu to make sure they could defend themselves.

However, the Shaolin Monks also found that Kung Fu gave them the ability to maintain their health through their daily practice of the art.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Kali, Arnis, And Escrima are all names for styles that come from the Philipines. These are weapon-based arts.

Kali, Arnis, And Escrima, are known for having the best strategies for dealing with knives and edged weaponry. Thus, it is one of the main arts studied by special forces around the world.

Although these Filipino martial arts are famous because of the practical weapon defenses, they do contain self-defense techniques. The empty hand curriculum is sometimes known as Panantukan or Suntukan.

Kali Arnis And Escrima Martial Arts

Japanese Judo is a throwing art. Judo is one of the best styles for learning take-downs, tackles, and trips.

Judo is a combative sport. Students compete against each other to try and score points. Points are given for every clean throw. Points can also be one by pinning your opponent to the ground and immobilizing them for half a minute.

Although Judo is a sport and not primarily focused on self-defense (Judo has no punches or kicks), It can definitely be used to defend yourself, If you can first strike using some of the other systems offered at our academy then your throwing techniques will become effective for self-defense.


Jeet Kune Do is not a style. JKD is better defined as a set of concepts and ideas that you apply to create your own style of fighting.

JKD was created by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee originally started out by combining two martial arts Western fencing and Wing Chun. He found that he liked some aspects of each style but did not care for other aspects.

Eventually, Bruce Lee learned and incorporate many techniques from various styles of martial arts to create a way of fighting that was unique to him. He realized that every person will also eventually their own unique style of fighting based on their personality, experience and body type.

Ron Baliki And Kaitlyn Doing Martial Arts

Tai Chi Chuan is the martial art based on the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang is an idea that comes from the Taoist religion. Yin and Yang represent the opposite forces. Light and dark, up and down, soft and hard, are all examples of opposites. The entire art of Tai Chi Chuan is made up of these concepts transformed into self-defense techniques.

The art of Tai Chi Chuan originally started out as a combative martial art. It was used for fighting and self-defense. Tai Chi Chuan Today still has practical applications of all of the movements of the form, but most people who train in Tai Chi are not interested in fighting, Rather, they want the enormous health benefits that come from practicing The graceful and beautiful martial art.

Tai Chi Class Martial Arts

The Boxing / Kickboxing Class at our academy is not your typical cardio kickboxing class. Nor is it a standard boxing gym. Rather, the kickboxing class is a combination of all the martial arts that we do here.

What makes this class unique is that we take techniques from Kali, Escrima, Arnis, Muay Thai, Silat, Wing Chun, Shaolin And Boxing to create unique combinations. Next, we put on the punch mitts and work with partners.

Partner work using pads and gloves is a terrific workout. The best thing about it is the contact you feel every time you hit the pads. Hitting pads is an absolute game-changer when trying to relieve the stress of the day.

Kickboxing class Martial Arts

F.A.Q. For Kids Classes

Question: What is Kung Fu?

Question: What's the youngest age for kids? 

Question: Can we come in and either observe or try a class?

Question: What does my child wear for the trial lesson?

Question: When are the kids classes?

Question: How often should my child attend class?

Question: How much does class cost?

Question: When can I enroll my child?

Question: Can I enroll my child in martial arts even if they are not very athletic?

Question: How do I know that my child will stay interested?

Question: Should I practice with my child at home?

Question: Will martial arts make my children more violent?

Question: Can my child get hurt doing martial arts?

Question: Is martial arts fun?

Question: Are the martial arts good for little girls, young teenage girls, and women?

Do children's confidence and self-esteem improve with martial arts?

Question: Does my child need their own equipment gear?

Question: Are there any testing fees?

F.A.Q. For Adult Classes

Question: Can I come in and either observe or try a class?

Question: What do I wear for my trial lesson?

Question: When are the martial arts classes for teens? 

Question: What if I'm not in shape for martial arts classes for teens?

Question: Can I enroll in martial arts classes for teens even if I have no experience and not very athletic?

Question: When can I enroll?

Question: How often should I attend martial arts classes for teens?

Question: Do I need my own equipment?

Question: Are there any testing fees?

Question: How much does the martial arts classes for teens cost?

Question: Will I get hurt training in the martial arts classes for teens?

Have You Heard Enough? Are You Ready To Join?

We would love to have you as a student! Our one and only goal at the Kung Fu Academy is to help you get the all of the benefits that the Adult Martial Arts Training has to offer. All of our instructors are passionate about helping beginners achieve the goals they set for themselves.

We Know That Everyone Has A Major Fear Of Looking Foolish In Front Of Others

Each movement is taught in detail and therefore you will never feel lost or out of place. We know that you may have never taken martial arts before. We are always patient, professional and totally committed to making you progress. Here at our academy, you take training at your own pace and you are never too old or too out of shape to start.

You will have fun. Most people think joining an Adult Martial Arts class is like joining the military. I want to change the perception of the martial arts. All of the classes are action packed, exciting and fun

"Benefits of training in martial arts:"

  • Learn practical self defense
  • Strengthen both your body & mind
  • Feel more energetic
  • Great form of exercise & weight loss 
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Gain speed, strength, and flexibility
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • It's better than going to the gym
  • Get stress relief
  • Strengthen your heart & lungs
  • Gain self confidence
  • Get self discipline
  • Become more goal oriented
  • Reduce risk of depression or anxiety

Get 2 Weeks Of Classes At Our School To See If We Are The Right Fit

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Would you like 2 Weeks OF Classes At Our School For Free?

It takes less than a minute.

"I am currently in the best shape of my life but even more important I am gaining confidence in myself that I never thought possible."

Dear Kevin and Renee, I would like to take this time to thank you for the positive changes you and your studio has made to my life over the last six months..

Before I joined your studio, I called and spoke to Kevin on the telephone. I was inquiring about the type of training you provided. Also, I was looking for a studio that I could learn the art of kung fu, but needed a place that was patient and encouraging.

I wanted an Adult Martial Arts program that engaged my mind and body. I would like to tell you that you have provided this environment and so much more. As a thirty something year old mother of two, wife and full time state employee, I knew that I would not learn things as quickly as a younger person and of course not be in the physical shape I like I was in my twenties.

Your encouragement and patience have made me exceed even my own expectations It has affected the way I approach every aspect of my life. It has truly taught me self discipline, which carry over to every day activities. 

Every time I receive another stripe or belt it is an affirmation that a person can accomplish almost anything by persistence and sheer determination. Your studio is a very warm and friendly place that I actually can't wait to attend twice a week.

Several people have approached me in the last couple of months about how healthy and young I look and I can honestly give you a lot of the credit. Thank you again for the great training and I have and would recommend this studio to any women looking for self improvement and physical fitness.

Lisa Allen

"The other students are what makes this school special. The culture here is so friendly."

I've been attending the adult classes for 8 months now and it's been great.

I came into this school with no prior martial arts experience, but that doesn't matter here because the instructors have a way of teaching that they really break it down for you so that it's understandable. Instructor Kevin provides a good mix of encouragement with constructive feedback. 

The other students are what makes this school special. The culture here is so friendly. 

All of the people I've met in the class are motivated to improve and are extremely helpful when we partner up. Everyone's really patient with each other, so even though the school has mixed levels of experience it  works. The more advanced people are always willing to help the beginners.

If you're looking for a great martial arts school or are on the fence try signing up for the trial program.  You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

Melissa D.

Are you close to us? We have only 1 location.

8876 South Eastern Ave. Suite 106 Las Vegas NV, 89123


Outside of the school

We would love to have you try a class!

Step 1.  Schedule a call with me (Instructor Kevin) or my wife Renee.  We can tell you about the class schedule and give you an overview of the classes offered. 

Step 2. Come in and try a class and see if they enjoy the class structure, see if the students and instructors are friendly, and see if the classes are run well.

There is no commitment. Take 2 weeks of classes on us. If it is not for you, no hard feelings. 

We are looking for people who are going to love coming here. We want students who are excited about their training.

There's only one way to know for sure and that is for you to try it!

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Would you like 2 Weeks OF Classes At Our School For Free? 


After the 2 weeks you will know if this is the right program for your needs.

It takes less than a minute. Or you can call us directly at 702-336-1095

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