Full day martial arts Spring break camps starts daily 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. April 11th to April 15th

Our martial arts camps incorporate exercise and fun all in one day. By spending time around other kids, they will learn the best social skills while being in a safe environment that you can trust.

Spring Break Camps

Are you looking for childcare this spring break? You want to enroll your child in something that benefits your child, but is not usual video games and tv?

Namely, team sports like baseball or basketball camps just aren’t your thing. You should try our martial arts Spring camp!

Here's something you probably don't know about, we have been running camps in the Las Vegas area now for 11 years. We know how to do camps right. We use traditional martial arts training as a base but add in fun coordination and balance games to the mix. In particular, when children learn through play it is much more likely to stick with them.

And here’s some great news for you: when your child attends camp they will get hands-on training in developing speed, coordination, agility, balance, and flexibility.

However, our camps are not just limited to developing the physical aspects of your child development The camps will challenge your child with cutting-edge martial arts drills and games, all while building self-esteem, character, and focus.

Attention Las Vegas Parents: Are you looking for child care? Enroll your child into our full-day Spring Break Camps!

5 Great Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Our Spring Break Camps

Spring Break Camps Gives Your child a sense of CAMARADERIE

By spending almost all day with one another. Our students build friendships that will make them excited to come to our camps. Even for years to come.

Spring Break Camps Give Your Child EXERCISE

Throughout the day, our students are always on the move. From games to stretching, your child will be getting 10x more exercise than they do in their school P.E. class without even realizing it!

Spring Break Camps Give Your Child SELF DEFENSE

Next, we make sure to teach your child a little bit of martial arts each time they come. We practice lots of 2 person partner drills that help them learn basic self defense.

Spring Break Camps Give Your Child CONFIDENCE

Our program has an ongoing curriculum which helps kids learn how to be confident in groups, social situations, and speaking in front of others.

Spring Break Camps Are FUN!

Our main focus is to make sure all the kids in our Spring Break camps are having the most fun they can.

In conclusion, we have an endless list of games which build their mental and physical abilities that will leave them with smiles all day, guaranteed.

This Is The Best Activity Your Child Can Do For Spring Break!

You need something for your child to do this Spring break. You don't want them just sitting around the house on their devices. Woul'ny it be great to know they are learning, socializing, and gaining confidence all in a safe and fun environment?

Your child will love our Spring Break camps

These are some of the activities we do in camp

  • Nerf Wars on Wednesday and Friday
  • 6 Types of dodge-ball
  • Movie time right after lunch.
  • Icebreakers done daily to get to know the other campers.
  • Padded sword fights
  • Fight choreography or movie fighting - create a fight scene and perform it.


We've tried to answer any questions you might have but if we've missed something you can always call us at 702-336-1095.

Question: What are the dates for Spring camps?

Answer: April 11th - April 15th

Question: What does my child wear to camp?

Answer: As a rule, Your child should wear shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.

Question: What do they need to bring?

Answer: First, your child will need to pack a home lunch. Second, they should have a blanket and pillow for movie time.

Question: How far in advance do I need to sign up?

Answer: Try to sign up a week in advanced as we fill up fast.

Question: What do they learn in Spring Break Camps?

Answer:Your child will learn a variety of martial arts styles. Of course, we teach them Kung Fu. Also, boxing, escrima, and kickboxing, in addition to the social skills.

Question: Does my child need to know some martial arts to enroll in your camps?

Answer: No, our staff is great at breaking down all of the moves. Of course, they will make sure that your child doesn't feel lost

Question: Do they need to be there exactly at 8:00 am?

Answer: No, you can drop off your child at any time. In fact, we start actual training at 8:15 am, and it's okay to be late.

Question: Do I need to arrange for my child for late pick-up after 2:30 pm?

Answer: Yes, if you need to pick-up your child after 2:30 pm, you will need to make arrangements ahead of time.

Question: Can I pick up my child at any time?

Answer: Yes, you can pick up your child anytime before 6:00 pm.

Question: What is the age range for kids at camps?

Answer: Generally, speaking, our martial arts camps are suitable for kids ages 5 - 12 years.

Question: What is the age range for kids at camps?

Answer: Generally, speaking, our martial arts camps are suitable for kids ages 5 - 12 years.

Question: How much are camps?

Answer: It's $25 per day or $125 for the whole week.

See What Other Parents Have To Say About Our Spring Break Camps

Isaac and Renee were very positive and encouraging, and showed a genuine interest in getting the kids to do the moves correctly.

To begin with, this review is for the Kung Fu Academy kids' camp. My 8-year old daughter recently attended their week-long camp, and she had an amazing experience.

Every day after she got home she was so excited to talk about what she had learned that day. Furthermore, She couldn't stop talking about her friends and all of the games they played.

By the way, Isaac and Renee were very positive and encouraging and showed a genuine interest in getting the kids to do the moves correctly.

It was fun for me to show up a little early to watch them trying out their moves. In addition, My daughter left that week feeling more confident in herself!

Thank you Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Emily G.

Really a WONDERFUL place for young folks to spend their Summer.

The coaches are EXCELLENT.

They really keep the kids on their toes. Running the kids through grappling, kickboxing, and self-defense.

My 7 year old really enjoyed padded sword fighting and the nerf gun wars.

Usually, They also do this thing where the kids create a fight scene. It is very theatrical, they play the music and all the kids perform it. Some of the kids were so elaborate with their fight scene it looked like an actual kung fu movie!

Coach Renee has an astounding level of control over the kids who were lining up, paying attention, and following instructions.

Lastly, I cannot say enough positive things about the coaches. They keep things FUN and also kept everything SAFE. The experience was FAR more than expected,

Just WOW. Call me impressed!

Roman P.


We, the staff and instructors of the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy hereby promise, that if during your Spring Break camps experience, for any reason you feel we have not been professional, courteous and always willing to help, or if you are not COMPLETELY, satisfied with our Spring Break camps, we will refund your enrollment fee up to 100%.

What's more, at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy, our success record speaks for itself. We strongly believe in serving each individual camper and the specific needs he or she may have. If you want a Summer Camp that will do everything it can to provide you a means of achieving the benefits you are looking for, then the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy Spring Break camps are for you.

Instructor Kevin and Renee Kawada

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Owners ~ Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

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