In Martial Arts, You are the Product

Lesson 6 Module 2

Vince Lombardi once said, "True perfection is unattainable. But if you chase perfection, you will catch excellence." The perfect martial arts class has probably never been taught, although many people certainly have come close. Still there is always room for improvement.

If someone was to teach the perfect martial arts class, what would it be like? It would include a perfect balance of smiling, sweating and learning, the protocol would be intense, the audience would be engaged, and everyone in the room would leave the building a little bit better than when they arrived --- and not just as a martial artist, but as a person. Let's discuss some strategies that we can apply to help us get close to teaching the perfect class.

Before stepping out on the mat to teach every day, it is important to remember that "you are the product." Your students look to you for knowledge, guidance and leadership and there is no better way to meet their needs than to lead by example.

The most important things to remember are:

Your attitude - are you teaching every class as if it's the best class ever?
Your appearance - are you tidy and professional?
Your presentation - have you spent time preparing for class, and do you have a plan?
The attitude, appearance, and presentation of your staff - have you provided the guidelines and guidance for your team to succeed in the three areas above?
If you consistently do well in these four areas, then you are well on your way to teaching the perfect class.

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