Dear Future Martial Artist,

The very fact that you are reading this tells me a lot about you. It tells me that you want to improve yourself or that you want to have the very best for your child. I would like to help you achieve your PERSONAL goals in the martial arts. I would like to help you get the all of the benefits that martial arts classes have to offer, for either you or your child.

My name is Kevin Kawada and I, along with my wife Renee, my daughter Kaitlyn and my son Isaac are the owners of the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy. We have been teaching martial arts classes since March of 2004 when we moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii. Since that time we have worked very hard to provide the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada areas with the best martial arts instruction and self improvement training possible.

When I was a teenager, I started training in the martial arts. At that time in my life, I personally wasn’t looking for any of the benefits that the martial arts had to offer. I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world to be able to actually learn this stuff. It wasn’t until I started started to progress in the martial arts that I became aware of all of the benefits, that martial arts classes had to offer. The improvement in my life that I gained from learning these life skills, far exceeded any benefits that the physical skills like kicking and punching ever gave me. Skills like focus and concentration, confidence, and self discipline became a huge part of my personality.

In other words, as I went to more and more martial arts classes, my life began to change. I found that in every aspect of my life I was using the warrior mindset and applying the lessons of martial arts to everyday encounters with people. I found that I began to surround myself with like minded individuals and I began to spend less time with people who were content with being lazy, undisciplined and irresponsible. I wasn’t using any physical technique at all, (as in “fighting”) but, I started to see everyday experiences as “lessons” I began to approach problems in my life the same way I approached my martial arts classes. I realized that the martial arts like Karate, Chinese Kung Fu,and Jujitsu are not just ways of fighting, but rather they are ways or paths to learning about yourself. I found that the same perseverance that I had to have in order to learn a martial arts form was the same type of perseverance that I needed to write a college paper. I found that mental toughness required for sparring helped me get through stressful times in my life. I took what was taught in class and APPLIED it to life outside of the martial arts school. If the lessons of martial arts cannot improve you as a person, martial arts instruction really has little value in today’s modern society.

To me, martial arts is really a way of life. Training in the martial arts is a never ending quest for improvement. If you can commit yourself to the time and effort it takes to really learn the martial arts, training can be by far the most wonderful, life changing, activity that you could ever hope to do. If you master the skills required of a true martial arts style, you will in essence have mastered yourself.

My life has been transformed by the martial arts and I hope that it can do something similar for you.

Kevin and Renee Kawada