Kickboxing for kids is a high-intensity martial art that improves speed agility, balance, and coordination while improving kids’ confidence levels.

Kickboxing classes for kids

The kids kickboxing class at our academy gives your child many benefits.

Mental fortitude and strength

While kickboxing may appear to be all about developing physical attributes in your child, it also develops their mental strength. 

How? Mental strength is developed through contact.

Sparring is the key to both tenacity and control. Everyone gets hit in sparring. Even the top kickboxers in the world, get hit in every match. Kids persevere through getting hit and come out stronger on the other side. The kids learn to not quit just because they got hit and 5 minutes after the round they even forget that they ever got hit.

Remember true confidence comes when they know, deep down inside, that they can and will survive no matter the hardships. This kind of core confidence shines through them in all aspects of their life.

Kids Class

Whole body conditioning

One of the main benefits your child gets from kickboxing is that they will be getting their heart rate up. Kickboxing keeps you moving the whole time. This burns a ton of calories and your child will get a great workout.

They’re using their entire body and engaging their muscles through all different types of ranges and motions, they’re elevating both up and down, and they go through periods of explosiveness and recovery throughout the entire class.

Every time they make contact with the heavy bag or punch mitts they are getting some resistance through the muscle and skeleton. This greatly improves their bone strength and density

Realistic self-defense

The kickboxing class is not about teaching kids to hit like a truck and become bullies.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. The first thing your child will learn is that self-defense techniques are only to be used as a last resort. Of course, if your child is actually in physical danger, we want them to be ready and take action, but only if they are in actual danger. Any verbal aggression or confrontation can be taken care of with verbal self-defense skills.

Kickboxing is one of the most realistic types of self-defense training because they are constantly testing their techniques against someone who is actually trying to hit them. Over time, they learn to refine their technique to be highly efficient and practical.

Kickboxing class teaches youngsters self-defense tactics and techniques in a safe setting. Contact is limited for the first year. Only when your child shows us enough maturity and defensives skill do they start sparring with hard contact. Until then there are hundreds of ways to build up their blocking and defensive techniques.

Roundhouse kick

Physical agility and coordination

Kickboxing is a game of inches. What that means is that the winner can be determined by whether their techniques were executed perfectly or just ok. Imagine evading a punch for instance, If one person were to evade successfully while the other evaded only enough to get hit 50% of the time then the one who executes perfectly will win.

The lesson here is that kickboxing techniques have very fine details that must be included in order for them to be used successfully. These detail must also be executed with speed for them to work in a real sparring match.

This level of detail will give your child extreme levels of coordination and agility. Usually, this kind of coordination sticks with them for the rest of their lives

Kickboxing is fun!

While it’s absolutely true that your child will be gaining tons of benefits in the kickboxing class, they’ll also be having a great time.

Other forms of exercise tend to be cyclic in nature. That means you're doing the same motions over and over and over. We all know how quickly kids can get bored.  In our kickboxing class, there are tons of different fighting combos that your child will learn and these different types of punches and kicks will ensure that the class is fresh and always challenging. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Interested in just Kickboxing?

Most people who just want their kids to learn just one style usually don't mesh well with the culture here. We always emphasize that all styles have limitations. Keep an open mind.


We've tried to answer any questions you might have but if we've missed something you can always call us at 702-336-1095.

Question: What's the youngest age for kids?

Answer: We accept kids as young as 5 years old for the kid's class. However, children mature at different speeds. Some children might be ready at 5 while others might need to wait a little longer.

Question: Can we come in and either observe or try a kids class?

Answer: Yes, of course. You and your child are welcome to observe or even try a class. Please contact us at 702-336-1095 to schedule an appointment to come in. The trial class is free.

Question: What should my child wear for the trial lesson?

Answer: Wear comfortable clothing. Wearing flip-flops or sandals are the easiest. Students cannot footwear on our mats. In addition, Students cannot be barefoot off the mats. Also, bring along a water bottle.

Question: When are the kids classes?

Answer:You can checkout our class schedule here:

Question: How often should my child attend kids class?

Answer: As much as possible! And here’s some great news for you: we designed our class schedule to accommodate the needs of today's families. Most families come twice a week. However, Some kids like the class so much they are here daily. Check out the class schedule here:

Question: What's the cost of kids class at your school?

Answer: You can check out the prices for our classes here:

Question: When can I enroll my child in the kids class?

Answer: Our program is on-going. In other words, you can start at anytime.

Question: Can I enroll my child in kids class even if they are not very athletic?

Answer: Of course! Enrolling in martial arts will help your child with coordination, flexibility, agility, and strength. The whole point is to get them to be athletic.

Question: Should I practice with my child at home?

Answer: Yes, we highly recommend you practicing with your child at home. In fact, coming here is similar to taking your child to piano lessons. Would you have your child go to piano lessons, then not have them practice at home? How will your child remember what they've learned? One thing's for sure, home practice is the best way to retain and perfect what they have learned in class.

And best of all…

Home practice doesn't need to be an hour. In fact, 10-15 minutes of home practice per day is sufficient.

Question: Is your kids class fun for kids?

Answer: of course! Our instructors are skilled in taking basic movements and turning them into fun and challenging drills. In fact, what would normally be seen as hard work (like exercise) can be camouflaged into something fun and playful. For example, we have kids doing partner drills, animal warm-ups, and practicing with a pair of punching/kicking mitts. Classes are always a blast.

Question: Is the kids class good for little girls?

Answer: Yes, it is! Reality is, martial arts classes are not just for boys. We have a good mix of girls and boys in our martial arts classes! Surprisingly, some people think that boys are much more coordinated and faster learners. The truth is, girls are just as coordinated, capable, and mentally tough as any boy.

Question: Will my child's confidence and self-esteem improve in the kids class?

Answer: Absolutely. Kids who are shy or has low self-esteem often come out of their shells. the point is, we teach kids how to be confident in many different ways. In truth, your child's confidence increases with each belt promotion, or each time they answer a question correctly, or when an instructor gives them a praise. Obviously, instilling confidence in a child is not an easy task, but we've done it time and time again.

Question: Does my child need their own equipment?

Answer: Usually, if your child is enrolled in a trial program, they can borrow our equipment. However, if you are going to stick with it, after the trial program is done, then you should get your own equipment. Good news! Everything you need can be purchased here at our martial arts studio.

Question: Are there any other fees?

Answer: Yes, belt testing fees are $55 per student. Usually, belt testing is held twice a year in April and October.

Question: Can my child get hurt in the kids class?

Answer: Martial arts classes at our school is a safe activity. However, martial arts (like any other sport) has various risks and dangers. We always try to be safe and do what we can to prevent injuries. Kids in football or soccer are more prone to having injuries than a child enrolled in martial arts. Most situations that can cause injuries can be eliminated with a culture of safety.

We remind the kids to practice self-control when executing a punch or kick. Because of the emphasis on self-control, our kid's classes are safe and fun. From the beginning to the end of the class, the instructors are always keeping an eye on everything that goes on. Of course, like in any contact sport, occasional bumps and bruises are possible, but we work our hardest to make sure that they are very rare.

Question: I Kung Fu The Same As Karate?

Answer: Both Kung Fu and Karate involve learning self defense techniques, such as blocks, punches and kicks, However, Kung Fu  is more focused on practical self defense.

Here’s what people are saying about our school.

As a family, we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your family and the impact it made on ours.

 The skill, discipline, and habits you provide for helping Ryan develop into an adult are so important, but the special care & connection you have with him means more than you’ll ever know. We truly value your gift and your friendship. Thank you for coming into our lives and making such a positive difference.

Jorge Lyons

Our whole family goes to the Kung Fu Academy. 

 To see how patient Instructor Isaac is with all the kids is amazing. Watching the kids that have been there for a few years, you can see how much their skills develop.
As an adult student myself, they have helped me lose some fat and be able to better protect my family if ever required.
If you have any doubt in your mind about joining martial arts bring in the kids or yourself, and just try it. My family has gained so much from this school!

William Cox

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