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We are the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy and we are one of the only Chinese lion dance troupes in Las Vegas

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Chinese Lion Dance

The Chinese Lion Dance is a performance in which two performers put on a costume that resembles a lion. Most people who are not familiar with it usually call it a dragon dance. The Chinese Lion Dance performance is accompanied by Chinese percussion instruments. Instruments consist of a drum, cymbals and a gong.

The driving beats of the instruments coordinate perfectly with the movements of the Chinese lion dancers.

Here's the story. Over a thousand years ago, the emperor of China had a dream one night in which a strange-looking animal saved his life. The Emperor was not sure what type of animal it was. The next morning, the Emperor described the dream to his advisers.

One of the members of his entourage believed that the strange animal he described could only be a Western lion. However, no one knew what a lion looked like. Consequently, the emperor commissioned a lion to be created out of paper-mache. He then had members of the court use this puppet to simulate the movements of the lion. In short, the Emperor had formed the very first lion dance troupe.

Our lion dance troupe

Today, our Lion Dance troupe are contracted every year to perform during the Chinese new year.

Also, many Chinese couples planning to marry, contract lion dance teams to perform at their wedding for the same reason. Weddings are actually where we perform most often.

Finally, the Chinese lion dance is also good for other special occasions like birthdays and parties. Everywhere it is performed, the lion dance brings good luck and fortune.

Is this Kung Fu?

Students who are enrolled in our Kung fu program make up the members of our Lion Dance Troupe.  Furthermore, lion dancing and kung fu have always been practiced together. Lion Dancing requires skill, coordination, and endurance. Also, strong stances and balance are a prerequisite to playing the lion well. The legend of the origin of the lion dance is a very interesting one. 

What people are saying about us

Their performance just wowed everyone

The Kung Fu Academy performed a Chinese lion dance at my wedding in March. It was a surprise for all of our guests. Everyone absolutely loved it.

Their group was super professional. In fact, they arrived 30 minutes earlier than their start time. They brought two lions for a 15 min. performance and did about 5 min of picture taking afterward. This is one of the most memorable moments of our wedding. Thank you!!

Tommy N.

Outstanding performance

We hired the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy as a surprise for our wedding guests. The Chinese Lion Dancers were the last to perform, right before the dance floor opened up.

Everyone was so excited to see the Lion dance! We would highly recommend the Kung Fu Academy if you are considering a lion dance performance for your wedding.

Lisa N.

I would like to thank you and all of your students for performing at the convention!

The lion dancers were spectacular! As a result, everyone in attendance absolutely loved it!

We continue to receive excellent feedback about your performance. Honestly, I think it was the highlight of the evening!

Ashley G

Email or call us and we will check our calendar to see if we are available on the date you need.


Put down a 50% deposit to hold the date.


Pay the remaining balance on the day of the performance.

We would love to perform at your event!

First, we have to know the date an time. Keep in mind that weekday events are harder for us. The Chinese Lion Dance Team is made up of volunteers, many of whom have work and school. The only way to know if we can perform for you is for you to contact us directly. Please give us a call or text at 702-336-1095. Ask for Instructor Renee. she will answer any questions yuo might have.

"My husband and I just got married and he really wanted to have a lion dance at our wedding.

To begin with, I was a little skeptical since it's not my tradition. I was not sure what to expect, but I am extremely pleased we did it! Actually, we were considering booking a couple of different groups, but Renee at lv kung fu academy was extremely accommodating and easy to work with.

For the wedding, Renee came over and told us what to expect and guided us on what to do. She came over to speak to us and thanked us several times before and after the performance.

Our guests loved the performance! My husband's Chinese family was there along with my American family and they all enjoyed the show.

We put red envelopes on the tables so our guests could "feed" the lions, so it gave our wedding something unique that everyone could enjoy.

Communication was easy with Renee and they were clear with the instructions of what to do the day of. We are extremely pleased with them. We would love to use them again in the future if given the opportunity!"

Amy C.

Contact us to check availability for the date you need.

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