Life changing kids martial arts classes in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

If you would like to see your child more physically active with improved listening skills, grades, focus and concentration look no further...

Martial arts classes for kids are so much more than just punching and kicking

Of course, you want your child to learn self-defense techniques that are practical and that will work when they are threatened.

When your child joins our program they will learn how to protect themselves and their family should the need arise.

The ability to defend themselves is the bare minimum that they will walk away with when they join our program.

Martial arts teaches your child how to be self-disciplined

Self-discipline is the ability to do something without being told.

You see...

Our philosophy is that self-discipline is VERY different than discipline.

The definition of discipline is when someone scolds or nags kids into doing what they want. A good martial artist is always self-disciplined.

Self-disciplined is defined as doing something without being told to do it. in fact, I would argue a better definition could be doing what you need to do even if you don't feel like doing it.

This is how martial arts classes boosts your kid's confidence

Confidence is gained through having set goals, then achieving those goals. When kids learn a new move or form they fell just a little bit more competent.

And remember...

Competence is confidence. When you feel that you are very good at something your belief gives you confidence that builds on itself. We believe confidence is one of the most important benefits of martial arts training. Our karate classes for kids has confidence-building drills in every class.

Martial arts are a fun way to get exercise

Strength, Flexibility, and Increase in cardio are all benefits that you can expect when you enroll your child into martial arts training.

Did you know that almost all of the drills in martial arts work out all of these things simultaneously?

In just a single session of training (which lasts 45 min. your child will get to experience all of these major areas of fitness.

For example, when practicing kicks, kids will work their core muscles as they strive for higher and higher kicks.

The higher they kick, the more that their core muscles are engaged.  If done enough times, the same kicking drill becomes a cardio workout.

Smilin' sweatin' and learnin'

We call it SSL. We keep em' Smilin' Sweatin' And Learnin'. Have fun, get a workout, and learning something new every class

The secret to getting kids to workout is to make it fun of course! Boredom is our enemy.

The best way to teach children something is to disguise it as play. Children are already used to playing they do it every day. So if you can take a martial arts or karate drill and turn it into a more familiar type of activity you have just made the connection between physicality and fun.

Kids Martial Arts Class

Martial arts classes for kids will teach your child how to set goals

Most high level, successful people in life will have a lot of personality traits in common with each other.

One specific trait these people all have in common is the habit of setting goals for themselves.

If you were to ask a pro athlete or entrepreneur what their habits are with goal setting, most will say that it's a habit they exercise weekly.

Setting goals allows your child to visualize the path to accomplishment. In order to analyze your progress, your goals must be clearly defined.

You need something to compare against.

Here's something you probably don't know about martial arts:

The different colored belts the students wear is really a system for goal setting disguised as part of the uniform

Let me explain...

Most people have heard of a karate black belt, right?

Actually, there are many levels to go through before someone gets promoted to a Black Belt. Each level has it's own color belt.

Each belt level has certain physical and philosophical requirements.

Your child will have to know the techniques and forms for their level in order to pass to the next colored belt.

Here's the secret... Each belt level is a really short term goal in disguise.

When kids earn their belts it gives them a great sense of genuine accomplishment and a feeling of competence that tremendously improves the way they view and feel about themselves.

Our belt system is the key to teaching self-confidence. This system makes your child feel special and unique. When they get promoted, the recognition that students receive from their peers is one of the most powerful forces of change.

Promotions in rank tremendously improve the way they view and feel about themselves. With each rank toward Black Belt, your child's martial journey becomes more and more real, and definitely more exciting.

Focus is the ability to pay attention even when it is challenging

In this age of distraction, video games, and youtube, sometimes focus can be hard to come by.

f your child has trouble paying attention to getting distracted easily, then martial arts training is the answer you have been looking for. You need an environment that is both engaging and stimulating.

Getting distracted is normal for most kids. However, if their lack of focus is affecting their academics then you need to do something now. Learning to focus can have an immediate effect on their school work and academic performance.

The very first thing your child will learn is what focus is. Without knowing the definition, how can we expect the behavior? Focus for us is two things. First whenever someone is speaking,(like the instructor or their school teacher) they need to have their eyes on them.

First, there is no way they can be listening if they are looking away into the distance. Second, the focus is a thing about what the teacher is saying.

Too often, kids will look directly at you, and yet be thinking about pizza, their dog, what happened at school that day, etc…

Our karate classes for kids will typically have your child in drills that are constantly having them in a focused state. In fact, most of the drills done in class will not be possible to perform without focus.

It is also very important that kids be able to recite what the instructions are. That is why when your child enrolls here they will be quizzed constantly on their understanding of the instructions (daily).

Martial arts can give your child an outlet for aggression

Some doctors actually prescribed our school for the treatment of aggression because of the positive outlet it gives the kids. Martial arts classes provide a safe place for kids to honestly express their true feelings through movement.

Also, the senior ranking students in class provide aggressive kids with a positive example of leadership and mutual respect.

Your child will learn the right way to act and react to the world around them.

We teach practical, real-world self-defense that works in our martial arts classes for kids

But make no mistake about it,

Your child will learn practical, proven self-defense methods that work against the types of attacks that kids experience.

For example, your child will learn escapes from a headlock, front kicks and side kicks from karate, releasing from holds and grabs from jujitsu, getting up from being pushed on the ground and defenses against shoving and pushing.

However, let's face it… teaching children fighting techniques, can be dangerous IF they are not also taught responsibility in addition to self-defense techniques.

Of course, you want your child to know that self-defense is just that, defensive. Self-defense should only be used when you are in danger. You definitely do not want your child to go home and use their techniques on a sibling or classmate at school. 

How to walk away

The real skills of self-defense involves knowing how to:

1 Walk away from the situation.

2 Verbally diffuse the situation before it escalates.

When you enroll in our martial arts classes for kids, your child will know that they have the ability and skills needed to successfully defend themselves against any bully.

And did we mention that martial arts classes are fun?

Let's face it...

If martial arts training was not fun your child will not want to come here. And honestly, you as the great parent your are would really hesitate to bring them. you want something that is BOTH fun and disciplined. You are looking for a karate class that your child WANTS to come to every day. All parents want to find an activity that your child will be passionate about. For example, can you imagine what it would be like finding your child practicing in their room every day (without being told to)

This is the kind of class we want to give you and your child.

Enroll your child in martial arts classes for kids today and discover the amazing benefits they will experience for the rest of their lives!

A word of caution: not all martial arts classes are created equal. It's sad but true - there are too many schools out there that claim they can deliver what parents really want but don't quite get the job done.

You have so many choices when it comes to enrolling in a martial arts school.

Think about it...

First, you might join karate classes, kenpo classes, aikido, krav maga, and so forth.

When you enroll in a martial arts school you will be spending time, money and effort at the school. You want to make the right decision from the very beginning.

OK, I know what you're thinking...

So how are we different?

Your child will get personalized instruction

First, when you start classes at our school your child will not just be a number in the crowd, like at many other karate schools.

We are a family-oriented school and not a franchise. We know every single student's name in our entire school, and your child will soon know everyone's name as well.

All of our students know each other's names. I have been to some schools where students are working partner drills with each other and they don't even know each other's names!

Second, everyone trains in the martial arts for different reasons.

The truth of the matter is that the only way to get you the benefits that you are looking for is to make every class personalized for each student. But how is this possible?

Everyone learns differently

Let me show you exactly how this works:

When you come to class it is my job to find out what kind of learner your child is. Some people learn very well through verbal instructions while other students may learn from having me physically go and move their arms in the correct position.

Others may learn best from seeing some of the advanced students perform movements.

There are many teaching techniques we use in class to make sure that every single student walks away from the class with something fresh. This doesn't mean we teach something new to each class, but rather we found a way to keep things interesting.

No one sits on the bench. No child ever feels "Left out", or like he's "Letting the team down"

As you may have noticed, martial arts training is a personalized experience and is not like team sports. Your child learns at their own pace. As your child advances in skill every day, their feeling of confidence will advance as well.

This increase in self-confidence for your child will have a cross over effect in other areas of their life. Other challenges in life, both physical and mental, will be met with much less fear.

Slowly, your child will be able to develop the habit of continuous success through little steps and progressions. We help and encourage them until they succeed.

Compare that to other kid's activities and sports, where fierce competitiveness and "winning at all costs" seem to be the order of the day.


Team sports favor the physically gifted

Here's the real kicker, team sports like baseball and football often favor the more physically gifted while at the same time alienating kids less who are less coordinated.

The result?

Every year a new crop of kids enters into sports and again only the bigger stronger kids get picked to play while your kid sits on the bench. It's not surprising that many children grapple with issues of self-esteem and misplaced aggression.

At our martial arts academy, no child sits on the bench. Our mats always packed. Benches lie empty. Every kid that's on our team gets equal playing time.

Passionate instructors who truly care

Our instructors have high expectations and are also very clear about limits. We enforce good rules of behavior in class, and we expect the same good behavior at home and in school.

All of the instructors and helpers at our academy are PASSIONATE and Energetic.

We have been teaching for 27 years and we truly love working with children. We understand that most fun teachers are teachers who have fun themselves while teaching.

We also understand the responsibility that comes with being a martial arts instructor. Kids look up to their instructors and will make lasting memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

You CHILD will Learn

Multiple Styles Of Martial Arts

Kung Fu

Kung fu is from China. It is the mother art to Karate. China was the first country in ancient times to develop martial arts. 

As the culture was exported to Japan, many of the fighting techniques and systems became part of the Japanese culture. In Japan, Kung fu slowly became known as Karate. 

Kung fu literally translates from Chinese to English as "Hard Work" It involves blocks, punches, kicks,  takedowns, and joint locking as it is a complete martial arts style.

Kali / Escrima / Arnis

Kali, Arnis, And Escrima are all names for styles that come from the Philipines. These are weapon-based arts.

Kali, Arnis, And Escrima, are known for having the best strategies for dealing with knives and edged weaponry. Thus, it is one of the main arts studied by special forces around the world.

Although these Filipino martial arts are famous because of the practical weapon defenses, they do contain self-defense techniques. The empty hand curriculum is sometimes known as Panantukan or Suntukan.


 Judo is one of the best arts for children. Kids in martial arts frequently learn how to punch and kick in their classes.

However, in many of the self-defense situations that your kids will face in their life, the most frequent type of attack is going to be where the bully tries to tackle them to the ground.

This is where the Japanese art of Judo comes into play. Judo is an excellent self-defense art to use against someone rushing at you.

Free practice, also known as Randori is a wrestling match between students. Both kids are trying their best to throw and not be thrown. There is both a winner and a loser. When martial arts becomes competitive, I see it as an opportunity to teach all of the life skills that martial arts are supposed to teach. For example, one of the things your child will learn is how to be mentally tough. They have to be able to get up after a fall and try again. This type of fortitude and perseverance is invaluable in today's society. 


Because Boxing is a competitive sport, there is a winner and a loser every-time you step into a ring. Boxing teaches you to win with humility and lose with grace. Everyone reacts differently to winning and losing. The right way to look at the competitive aspect of Boxing is to know that every loss is a chance to learn. It should teach you that the more you stick with it the more you start to win. Losing is motivation as well. Losing a match is some potent fuel for training harder the next time you step in to the ring.

Some of the things you will learn in our kids martial arts classes are:

These are some of the concepts and drill we teach in martial arts class.

  • Self control
  • Focus
  • Self discipline and respect
  • Mental toughness
  • How to be more confident
  • Self defense against grabs, strikes and takedowns


We've tried to answer any questions you might have but if we've missed something you can always call us at 702-336-1095.

Question: What's the youngest age for kids?

Answer: We accept kids as young as 5 years old for the kid's class. However, children mature at different speeds. Some children might be ready at 5 while others might need to wait a little longer. W

Question: Can we come in and either observe or try a kids class?

Answer: Yes, of course. You and your child are welcome to observe or even try a class. Please contact us at 702-336-1095 to schedule an appointment to come in. The trial class is free.

Question: What should my child wear for the trial lesson?

Answer: Wear comfortable clothing. Wearing flip-flops or sandals are the easiest. Students cannot footwear on our mats. In addition, Students cannot be barefoot off the mats. Also, bring along a water bottle.

Question: When are the kids classes?

Answer:You can checkout our class schedule here:

Question: How often should my child attend kids class?

Answer: As much as possible! And here’s some great news for you: we designed our class schedule to accommodate the needs of today's families. Most families come twice a week. However, Some kids like the class so much they are here daily. Check out the class schedule here:

Question: What's the cost of kids class at your school?

Answer: You can check out the prices for our classes here:

Question: When can I enroll my child in the kids class?

Answer: Our program is on-going. In other words, you can start at anytime.

Question: Can I enroll my child in kids class even if they are not very athletic?

Answer: Of course! Enrolling in martial arts will help your child with coordination, flexibility, agility, and strength. The whole point is to get them to be athletic.

Question: Should I practice with my child at home?

Answer: Yes, we highly recommend you practicing with your child at home. In fact, coming here is similar to taking your child to piano lessons. Would you have your child go to piano lessons, then not have them practice at home? How will your child remember what they've learned? One thing's for sure, home practice is the best way to retain and perfect what they have learned in class.

And best of all…

Home practice doesn't need to be an hour. In fact, 10-15 minutes of home practice per day is sufficient.

Question: Is your kids class fun for kids?

Answer: of course! Our instructors are skilled in taking basic movements and turning them into fun and challenging drills. In fact, what would normally be seen as hard work (like exercise) can be camouflaged into something fun and playful. For example, we have kids doing partner drills, animal warm-ups, and practicing with a pair of punching/kicking mitts. Classes are always a blast.

Question: Is the kids class good for little girls?

Answer: Yes, it is! Reality is, martial arts classes are not just for boys. We have a good mix of girls and boys in our martial arts classes! Surprisingly, some people think that boys are much more coordinated and faster learners. The truth is, girls are just as coordinated, capable, and mentally tough as any boy.

Question: Will my child's confidence and self-esteem improve in the kids class?

Answer: Absolutely. Kids who are shy or has low self-esteem often come out of their shells. the point is, we teach kids how to be confident in many different ways. In truth, your child's confidence increases with each belt promotion, or each time they answer a question correctly, or when an instructor gives them a praise. Obviously, instilling confidence in a child is not an easy task, but we've done it time and time again.

Question: Does my child need their own equipment?

Answer: Usually, if your child is enrolled in a trial program, they can borrow our equipment. However, if you are going to stick with it, after the trial program is done, then you should get your own equipment. Good news! Everything you need can be purchased here at our martial arts studio.

Question: Are there any other fees?

Answer: Yes, belt testing fees are $55 per student. Usually, belt testing is held twice a year in April and October.

Question: Can my child get hurt in the kids class?

Answer: Martial arts classes at our school is a safe activity. However, martial arts (like any other sport) has various risks and dangers. We always try to be safe and do what we can to prevent injuries. Kids in football or soccer are more prone to having injuries than a child enrolled in martial arts. Most situations that can cause injuries can be eliminated with a culture of safety.

We remind the kids to practice self-control when executing a punch or kick. Because of the emphasis on self-control, our kid's classes are safe and fun. From the beginning to the end of the class, the instructors are always keeping an eye on everything that goes on. Of course, like in any contact sport, occasional bumps and bruises are possible, but we work our hardest to make sure that they are very rare.

Question: I Kung Fu The Same As Karate?

Answer: Both Kung Fu and Karate involve learning self defense techniques, such as blocks, punches and kicks, However, Kung Fu  is more focused on practical self defense.

Here’s what people are saying about our school.

"Improving his physical abilities was the least of our concerns."

Alex joined Las Vegas Academy last May at the age of six.

Improving his physical abilities was the least of our concerns. Alex needed to sharpen his ability to focus, his discipline, his overall social skills, and ultimately his self-confidence.

Thanks in part to his Karate classes, Alex has made huge leaps in each of these areas. His success is due not only to the disciple required by Kung Fu generally but also patient and caring attention of the teachers. Kevin and Renee have the rare gifts that so few teachers and child professionals have - evident to anyone who observes them at work.

Moreover, they have a caring yet competitive educational environment., in which students push one another to be their best while also developing excellent interpersonal skills.

We would HIGHLY recommend this school (and have) to any family! We wish you all the best and extend our deepest gratitude for all you have given to Alex.

Bill Bush

"I am so impressed with how they've handled my daughter - who sometimes is pretty challenging to teach..."

My wife and I both thought that some karate classes might be good for our daughter. She is 12 years old. At this age, you know they start to gain some independence and I wanted to make sure that she could defend herself if necessary. Not to mention it seemed like it would be super fun!

So we've been attending here for almost four months now, and we go 4 times a week.

I am so impressed with how they've handled my daughter. She is sometimes is pretty challenging to teach (with me anyway) - they have the perfect balance of patience, firmness, and friendliness.

Instructors Isaac and Renee are SO patient. They try so hard to make sure that everyone understands the instructions. I like that they make sure that everyone is listening.

They have ignited a spark in our daughter. There is never a moment when she says" I don't want to go"

Thank you Instructors Kevin, Renee and Isaac for instilling in our daughter a love of the martial arts.

Ben N.

Your family plan enabled us to try something for the entire family at an affordable price. It allowed me to try something I never would have.

Dear Instructors Kevin and Renee,

Since we enrolled our entire family in your martial arts school it has changed our lives.

It has taught each and every one of us to be more confident and not just disciplined but self-disciplined. All four of my kids are excited and look forward to going to martial arts.

Your family plan enabled us to try something for the entire family at an affordable price. It allowed me to try something I never would have.

Through joining martial arts at your school we have learned that martial arts are about so much more than just learning to protect yourself. It is a life long journey that strengthens your mind as well as your body.

I tell everyone I know about your school and highly recommend it. I want to thank you, instructors, Kevin and Renee for providing a friendly, welcome atmosphere that makes us want to keep coming and for teaching my family martial arts!

Rosa King And Family

Matthew started classes with much apprehension since he was having difficulty relating to new people and new situations.

Our two sons, Joshua and Matthew, have been training at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy for almost a year.

We were happy to find a karate school that focuses on helping people become better from the inside out rather than focusing on rapidly advancing through a belt system for bragging rights.

Matthew started classes with much apprehension since he was having difficulty relating to new people and new situations. We actually couldn't get him into the Kung Fu studio even though he kept telling us privately that he really wanted to go.

With the patience and guidance of Kevin, Renee and the rest of the instructors, Matthew eventually broke through his shyness and is doing great. He's much more talkative now and his self-confidence is very much improved.

Both of our boys enjoy coming to class and we definitely feel that the program at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy is making a positive impact in our children's lives and will continue to help us lay a solid foundation for their continued development into fine young men.

Mike McDermott