Amazing martial arts class for teens not only teaches self-defense … but gives them the tools they need for success in life…

Do you want to see your teen reach their full potential? Give them a lifestyle, something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Martial arts classes for teens

The most critical time in your teen's personal development is when they become teens. This is when your teen will learn what are acceptable boundaries for their behavior. They may go from shy and introverted to independence, and from well behaved to out of control. This can be an exciting time for you and your teen.

You want them to develop lifelong good habits. Like all parents you want them to become successful adults. Martial arts training will give your son or daughter the traits of self-discipline and focus that other parents only dream of.

Our martial arts classes for teens can really help.

Martial arts can help your teen to manage the stress of homework, navigate the social scene at school and changing friendships. You want a place where they fit in, and they can interact with other teen who have a similar passion.

Our classes can be a "safe" haven for your teen. Somewhere where they can be themselves while learning the difference between good judgment and bad.

Teen Class

Are martial arts classes just another "activity"?

Martial Arts are a vehicle for developing your teen's entire personality.

Let me explain...

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing ~ Theodore Roosevelt

I love this quote from the former president because it sums up the value of martial arts training in 1 eloquent sentence.

Whether they even realize it or not teen are slowly building their confidence every time they walk through the front doors of our academy.

Starting and following through in a martial arts class takes courage.

If you could give your teen unshakable self-confidence, how much would that be worth?

How much of a difference would it make in their life if they learned how to follow through on things so they could basically achieve almost anything they put their mind to?"

Every time they bow in at the start of class they get a little stronger mentally. They are facing the fear of the unknown. Whether they even realize it or not teen are slowly building their confidence every time they walk through the front doors of our academy.

Starting and following through in a martial arts class takes courage. Every time they bow in at the start of class they get a little stronger mentally. They are facing the fear of the unknown. 
They are pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Even now, after 22 years of training, I still feel some anxiety whenever I spar against someone or perform my form in front of the class to demonstrate the proper technique. Yet every time I step out onto that mat and just do it. Then when sparring starts, my training takes over and I feel at home.

I know that I can handle anything that is thrown at me. Of course, I don't always win but if I get hit or thrown, I just move on. Next, I switch from thinking about the failure to just giving it everything I have.

Slowly, over the course of many martial arts classes, they learn to deal with adversity

This is the power of martial arts training

This is exactly how training in martial arts can build self-confidence in your teen for life. When teentrain hard in class the rest of life seems easy. Eventually, they will have faced so much adversity that they will know, on the inside, that they can handle anything that life throws at them.

Here is something you probably don't know about.

Over the course of the last two decades, I have been teaching martial arts. Many people have walked through the doors of the academy. You can't imagine how many people have told me If it were not for martial arts I would not be where I am today.

By the time your teen achieves his black belt, they will have exposed themselves to many challenging situations.

Confidence through adversity - give your teen every advantage they need in life

Consider this...

When your teen learns to spar and perform in front of people, the level of anxiety is equivalent to an adult having to give a key presentation at work or having to approach their boss for that raise they deserve.

If you think it's nothing, think again.

Overcoming that kind of anxiety takes courage, time and effort.

Seriously, put some thought into this...

teen who train in the martial arts,  are slowly exposing themselves to adversity. There are some teen who have never faced adversity. They have been brought through life with everything they need. When they actually get out into the real world they get a rude awakening and crumble under the pressure.

They will know what it takes to really perform under pressure.

How can you beat that?

I think that the martial arts are unique in this way. There is no other activity that is as safe and fun, while at the same time pushes your teen to be the best version of themselves that they can ever be.

"I'm always amazed at what he's learned."

"This is the definitely the best place for my son. My son first enrolled when he was 4 years old. He is still training and is now 10 years old. He still loves martial arts and is always enthusiastic about coming to class.

Throughout these years attending the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy he has evolved as a martial artist. His martial arts skills are always improving every year.

I'm always amazed at what he's learned. He really loves learning all the different skill sets.

Being in martial arts throughout these years has definitely given him confidence. I have no worries when he enters middle school. I know he will adjust well and easily make new friends."

James R.

3 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Enroll

The first reason is to give them a chance to be their true selves.

Maybe your teen can easily make new friends, is assumed to be the leader of the group and habitually sees the world with a bright and positive attitude.

However, If your teen is shy when meeting others, displays passiveness and sometimes lets others take advantage of them, there is no time to wait. Your teen needs help now.

Your problem may start off as seemingly small.

Navigate negative peer pressure

For instance, maybe your teen has trouble interacting with his peers. They may have a hard time looking people in the eye. These problems are not severe but can grow along with the teen, before long they become prime targets for bullies. Resisting negative peer pressure is hard and may even become withdrawn.

Do you follow me so far?

Ultimately, the goal of our martial arts classes for teens has your teen change the way they see themselves. We want to change their identity. They should think of themselves as martial artists.

When a peer asks them if they want to try and take a shot of vodka, we want them to respond with "Sorry I can't, I am in training."

Martial arts made me into what I am today, both a teacher and a mentor. 

Surrounding themselves with extremely motivated like-minded individuals

Your teen can get involved with other teens that share similar goals. Just being around and interacting with other teens who are motivated is not to be underestimated.

It's sort of like being on the state high school championship football team, everyone is excited just to be there.

This is the secret to training teens.

The class cannot be like the military. Although I know some parents would like our classes to resemble boot camp. However, the culture at our school is more casual and definitely conducive to your teen making lifelong friends.

In the end, the teen class has to be a social outlet, somewhere where it's like an oasis or safe haven for them to be their true selves.

In teen class there are adults training in there as well

In this age of instant communication, many teens feel more lonely and isolated than ever.

Here's the story...

A long time ago in America's past, school rooms would be filled with students  of all ages. It is only recently that schools have become separated by grade levels in order to make teaching easier for the instructor.

Can you imagine being surrounded by students who  all have the same level of wisdom as everyone else?

Wisdom cannot be gleaned from someone your own age. It is always the elderly, the oldest of our tribe that has the life wisdom to impart

Raised by a community

It used to be that teens would be raised by the community. teens would interact with the elderly as well as people much younger than themselves. Today because teen are constantly surrounded by other teen just their own age every little thing that happens becomes a big deal. For example, let's say that you didn't know that high top shoes were out of fashion this year and you wore them to school and got made fun of. Now imagine if this was constant? It can really affect your teen's self-confidence.

Now imagine, if your teen were regularly interacting with other adults, High-level professionals who are leaders in the community? Would they have perhaps a different perspective on how cool their shoes are or are not?

Wouldn't you like to have your teen know how to communicate with adults like an adult? How would you like them to carry themselves with such maturity that you get compliments on how well-raised they are?

By expanding their personal network to include positive adult role models you will definitely be setting them up for success later in life.

Here’s what people are saying about our school.

I highly recommend this place

When I first enrolled my son I knew he would learn how to defend himself and learn martial arts.

However, I wanted him to also learn the life skills that martial arts has to offer - confidence and respect.

Training in martial arts has instilled in my son the importance of character building. In class, the instructors would gather the students and talk about life lessons. 

They call this the mat chat part of class. I really love this part of class. The instructors would cover valuable topics like respect, kindness, mindfulness, commitment, optimism, perseverance, and more.  

They also teach them how to be great individuals inside and outside of the martial arts studio. Teaching important life skills to teen is priceless. Thank You Instructor Kevin & Renee!

Julie F.

Your school and your mentorship has changed our sons life!

Dear Instructor Kevin, Just a quick note to thank you for all you do for our son and our family.

When Xoli first joined your school in Spring 2007 he felt so unsafe in the world. He has been in the 5th percentile for weight and height since he was a baby. By middle school he complained of being bullied at school.

Today, as a sophomore in high school he continues to be smaller than other males his same age but his self esteem and sense of competence is so high it doesn't matter.

Not only has he learned how to protect himself, he has learned respect for others and self control. Your school and your mentorship has changed our sons life! Thank You

Jo Velasquez

Some of the things your teen will learn in martial arts classes:

These are some of the concepts and drill we teach in FMA class.

  • Lifelong Fitness: Once your teen knows how to work out using martial arts they will never need to join the gym because martial arts training can be one of the hardest workouts they will ever experience
  • Social Skills: The self-control that a martial artist has is like no other, Teens are sometimes overly dramatic, but teens in martial arts know better. They can control their emotions just as they can control their bodies.
  • Respect For Others: One of the most deeply rooted traditions of martial arts is respect.
  • Teamwork: Teens will develop a better understanding and build their confidence in their ability to work with others. Teamwork will teach your teen how to cooperate and work together to reach a common goal.
  • Good decision making: Students are constantly reminded to make the right decisions and to always have self control.
  • Building Friendships: Your teen will see the same group of teens every week. Your teen will build a bond and friendship with the other students in the class.
  • Better self-awareness & personal safety: If your teen is in an aggressive situation that can’t be resolved peacefully, he or she will at least have the basic martial arts skills to defend themselves.
  • Higher self-esteem & self-confidence: Every time your teen receives praise in class, or each time your teen gains his or her new belt, your teen's self-esteem will increase. They will feel better about themselves and start to gain confidence.

We don't want to be just another activity, we want to be your partner in parenting

What to expect

Teens learn differently than younger students. Their abilities and general coordination are much more developed than 9-year-olds. This age group is also much more social. When running classes for this age range classes are very partner drill oriented and a bit more technical in technique.

Classes at our Las Vegas school for teens are 50 minutes long/ The classes  and are much more in-depth than the younger students class. Each class is very structured and each class has a specific theme for the day. 

Class is broken into sections

First, instruction begins with deep breathing and stretching.

Second, the class starts  an intense physical warm-up. This prepares your teen at our school for self-defense training.

Third, your teen will go through self-defense training. This part of class consists of sparring with light contact to teach range, timing and how to apply what was taught during the warm-up. 

Their progress is their responsibility

Students start by slowly moving outside of their own comfort zone.

As they progress they attempt increasingly difficult kung fu moves. 

This makes them see that life is a never-ending commitment to improvement

Your Teen will Learn

Multiple Styles Of Martial Arts

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a close-quarters combat system. Speed and efficiency are its trademark.

Wing Chun uses sensitivity training to make fighting instinctive. When you can fight without thinking you perform at a much higher level.

You will learn how to build habits of how to react instantaneously to all self-defense situations. Wing Chun does not have complicated techniques that are unlikely to work in a real-life fight. Instead, Wing Chun simplifies its techniques and strategies so that you can be ready to defend yourself quickly.

Richard J and Richard P

Kali / Escrima / Arnis

Kali, Arnis, And Escrima are all names for styles that come from the Philipines. These are weapon-based arts.

Kali, Arnis, And Escrima, are known for having the best strategies for dealing with knives and edged weaponry. Thus, it is one of the main arts studied by special forces around the world.

Although these Filipino martial arts are famous because of the practical weapon defenses, they do contain self-defense techniques. The empty hand curriculum is sometimes known as Panantukan or Suntukan.


Japanese Judo is a throwing art. Judo is one of the best styles for learning take-downs, tackles, and trips.

Judo is a combative sport. Students compete against each other to try and score points. Points are given for every clean throw. Points can also be one by pinning your opponent to the ground and immobilizing them for half a minute.

Although Judo is a sport and not primarily focused on self-defense (Judo has no punches or kicks), It can definitely be used to defend yourself, If you can first strike using some of the other systems offered at our academy then your throwing techniques will become effective for self-defense.

Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Jeet Kune Do is not a style. JKD is better defined as a set of concepts and ideas that you apply to create your own style of fighting.

JKD was created by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee originally started out by combining two martial arts Western fencing and Wing Chun. He found that he liked some aspects of each style but did not care for other aspects.

Eventually, Bruce Lee learned and incorporate many techniques from various styles of martial arts to create a way of fighting that was unique to him. He realized that every person will also eventually their own unique style of fighting based on their personality, experience and body type.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung fu is an ancient system of combat. Long ago, the Buddhist monks who lived at the Shaolin Temple, need a way to defend themselves from attack. Their temple was built far into the mountains. If they were attacked there was no one around to protect them.

Thus, these peaceful monks added daily training in the art of Kung fu to make sure they could defend themselves.

However, the Shaolin Monks also found that Kung Fu gave them the ability to maintain their health through their daily practice of the art

Richard Punching


We've tried to answer any questions you might have but if we've missed something you can always call us at 702-336-1095.

Question: Can I come in and either observe or try a class?

Answer: Yes, of course. You are welcome to observe or try a class. However, please contact us to schedule an appointment to come in. The trial class is free.

Question: What does My Child wear for The trial lesson?

Answer: Wear comfortable clothing. Also, wearing flip-flops or sandals are the easiest. Our students are not allowed to have footwear on when training on our mats. However, when they do step off our mats footwear is required. Also, we recommend you bringing a water bottle.

Question: When are the Teen classes?

Answer: Teen cLasses are Mon. through Fri. at 6pm Also, you can checkout our class schedule here:

Question: What if They ARe  not in shape for martial arts training?

Answer: You're never too old to start martial arts. indeed, we have student of all ages and at different fitness levels. Don't worry about not being in shape. Enrolling in martial arts will help you get in shape. Here at our school, you work at your own pace and set your own goals. in short, we are here to help you in reaching your own personal goals.

Question: When can I enroll?

Answer: Our program is on-going. in other words, you can start at anytime. It's not like collage when everyone starts and ends at the same time

Question: How often should I attend class?

Answer: Everyone's schedule is different. Most people come twice a week. However, some students love our classes so much, they come everyday

Question: Do I need my own equipment?

Answer: Usually, if you are on a trial program, you can borrow our equipment. However, if you enroll in our regular program, you are required to have your own equipment eventually. In addition, your equipment packages can be purchased here at our martial arts studio.

Question: Will I get hurt training in martial arts?

Answer: Martial arts (like any other sport) has its various risks and dangers. However, we always try our best to prevent injuries. In addition, we always promote a culture of safety at our school that helps keep students from getting injured.

Here’s what people are saying about our school.

We chose the Kung Fu Academy because it was so clean and the instructors were really friendly. We had a good vibe from here.

The Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy is a wonderful all around school.

We were looking at a a couple of different martial arts schools when we first moved to Las Vegas. Finally, we chose the Kung Fu Academy because it was so clean and the instructors were really friendly. In the end, it was also the good vibe we got here.

I initially thought that it was a bit on the expensive side but after we looked around there were no other schools that really compared.

This is the kind of studio that you should not expect get your black belt anytime soon. They don't promote you unless you are actually ready. You have to train long and hard in order to get good. This place takes their martial arts seriously.

Instructor Zak is fantastic. He is caring and enthusiastic when teaching. All of the instructors have a sense of humor and they always have fun in the teen class. I think they are all young at heart.

If you are looking for the BEST, give the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy a try you won't regret it.

Jill R.

My kiddo has been taking classes at the Las Vegas Kung Fu academy since February  and I can't rave enough about it.

I recently asked my son what he thought of classes and he just said one word "AMAZING"

When my son first asked to take karate, I was a little hesitant. I guess you could call me an overprotective mom. After talking to the instructors, I felt at complete ease knowing the my teen would be safe.

All of the instructors give great guidance and instructions. All of the other student are very supportive and always try to help out.

Because our son is home-schooled we need someplace where it was't just about self defense but where he could make friends as well.

I have noticed a huge difference in mys son's confidence level since joining and it has really been a life changing experience for him.

It's been an incredible experience so far and this place has exceeded all of our expectations.

Jaime P.