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  • Slapping Water – The Legend Of Tai Kwei [Shaolin Kung Fu Training Technique]

In a small village nestled in the mountains of China, there lived a man named Tai Kwei. He was a simple man, with a heart full of compassion and a desire to help his fellow villagers. However, his village was under the tyrannical rule of a selfish and greedy landlord, who charged exorbitant rents from the villagers. As a result, the villagers were constantly in a state of despair and destitution, unable to make ends meet.

Slapping Water Training

Tai Kwei knew that something had to be done to alleviate the suffering of his people. He decided to seek help from the legendary Shaolin Temple, known for its skilled kung fu masters. He gathered all the rice he could find and offered it to the monks in exchange for training him in kung fu. The villagers hoped that with a skilled master among them, they would be able to stand up to the oppressive landlord and his unjust rule.

Slapping water

Tai Kwei was lucky to be accepted as a student by the master of the Shaolin Temple. But his training was not what he expected. Instead of learning kung fu moves, he was asked to slap the surface of a large barrel of water with all his might. He was asked to do this every day for weeks, then months, and finally, two long years.

Tai Kwei was frustrated and angry. He had come to the temple to learn kung fu, and all he was doing was slapping water. But the master had a plan. He wanted Tai Kwei to understand that the true power of kung fu lay not in the physical moves but in the power of the mind. Tai Kwei was learning how to channel his energy and focus it on a single point.

With each passing day, Tai Kwei's slapping water training became more intense. He would slap the water with all his might, feeling the ripples of his force spreading across the surface of the barrel. He would do this until his hands were numb and his arms ached with exhaustion. But he persevered, determined to learn the secrets of kung fu.

As time went on, Tai Kwei began to notice a change within himself. He was becoming more focused, more disciplined, and more powerful. He could feel the energy coursing through his body, and he knew that he was becoming a true master of kung fu.

One night, while having dinner with the other priests, Tai Kwei pounded his fist on the table in anger. To his surprise, the table broke in two with the force of his blow. The other priests looked on in amazement, realizing that Tai Kwei had finally mastered the art of kung fu.

There's always a lesson

The master smiled and told Tai Kwei that he had learned his first lesson in kung fu. The lesson was not in the physical moves but in the power of the mind. Tai Kwei had learned how to channel his energy and focus it on a single point, just like he did with the barrel of water.

With this newfound skill, Tai Kwei returned to his village, ready to face the landlord and his unjust rule. The landlord was afraid of Tai Kwei's kung fu skills and stopped charging unreasonable rents from the villagers. The people of the village were able to live happily ever after, thanks to Tai Kwei's slapping water training and his mastery of kung fu.