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  • What Are Some Exercises I Can Do To Increase My Kicking Power? [Muay Thai -Taekwondo – Kung Fu]

Squat Jumps with ankle weights, Straight leg lifts, butt kicks, 1 leg balance drills, knee raises, and fire-hydrants (Watch the videos to see how)

Kicking Drills

Increasing your kicking power is more than just refining techniques

Without conditioning, really good techniques will not have power. Most people overlook balance and flexibility drills in their training routines.

Kicking power in particular, not only comes from having strong legs but also comes from having really strong hip flexors.

The video shown was taken in an adult class where we were specifically focusing on developing kicking power. These are just some of the drills we do that are taken from different martial arts styles.

These drills for balance will definitely enhance your ability to kick effectively.

7 more great leg exercises to increase your balance and kicking power for martial arts

Kicking power is largely dependent on how fast you can lift your leg off the ground.

This involves strengthening the hip muscles. Doing squats will help a little bit leg lifting and working the hip flexors are a much more efficient way of getting kicking power FAST!

In order to have really effective kicks, you must also train your balance and flexibility. When you are flexible your choice of striking targets increases.

Kicking Drills

These drills, when done on a regular basis, will greatly improve your kicking power regardless of your martial arts style.

Try doing these drills with ankle weights on as well.

Most of the people in the video are wearing 2 to 5 lbs. Anything heavier will probably slow you down too much.

Come and try out our adult class and see if training like this is for you.