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You should definitely join kickboxing rather than a gym. Kickboxing exercises your entire body at the same time and will give you more than just strength.

6 Benefits

of joining a kickboxing class

There are 6 benefits of joining kickboxing class

  1. 1
    Practical, Effective Self Defense
  2. 2
    Increased Concentration And Focus
  3. 3
    Stress Relief
  4. 4
    Kickboxing Class Gives You Confidence
  5. 5
    The Best Whole Body Workout
  6. 6
    A Challenge To Overcome


What kind of kickboxing class are you looking for?

First, you must decide on what kind of class you are looking for. So you want a class that is just a workout but does not teach you how to apply the techniques.

Remember kickboxing techniques are meant to be used against and opponent, not a heavy bag.

Bag work should be a small part of the class and not take up 90% of class time. In addition, in most cardio kickboxing classes, the emphasis is on getting a workout. The instructor doesn't actually take the time to refine and correct your technique.

Kickboxing Class Is One Of The Best Whole Body Workouts

Look, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and running are great workout routines. However, the treadmill and dumbbells have one thing in common. Both are extremely boring.

These days, you want to spend your valuable time doing two things at once if possible. If you could get in great shape while learning techniques that could save you in a self-defense situation, why wouldn't you?

Don't you want a workout that will work you to work out your whole body all at once? Kickboxing class is an incredibly efficient way to workout.

Here, we are different. We want you to learn why you are doing the technique in a certain way. The details matter. Details are what make the self-defense component real. If you actually have to defend yourself your fundamentals are what is going to come out. Especially if your body is undergoing an adrenal stress response.

Kickboxing gives you both strength, flexibility and cardio Kickboxing class is the answer you have been looking for. By combing actual martial arts techniques with cardio like pace will give you the heart-pumping workout you have been looking for.

There are some estimates that kickboxing class can burn up to 750 calories in an hour. This is because the kicks and punches force you to engage all of the muscles at once. In addition, you will find your core muscles working to stabilize your balance every time you kick or strike.

Kickboxing Class Is Challenging

Can you imagine how it feels when you start something as challenging as learning a martial art, then actually getting good at it? In addition, The feeling of accomplishment you get every time you walk out of a class gives you confidence.

If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you.

Concentration And Focus

Kickboxing class gives you increased focus and concentration.

A kickboxing class is about endurance for sure, but di you know that classes are also about focus and concentration? Half the battle of a kickboxing class is the mental component. You need to focus on the details of each jab, each left hook and each round kick.

“Are my feet in the right position?”, “ Are my hand in the correct guard position after I execute the Right hook?” These are questions that force you to concentrate. These corrections put you into the zone.

Stress Relief

Are you stressed out? Do you need something that you can take out all of your frustrations out on?

How do you tend to deal with it? Some people find relief in food or alcohol. Some people numb their stress by playing video games. You are not the type of person you need to relieve your stress through a workout.

Here is the good news...
Kickboxing is one of the most stress-relieving activities you can do. Why? The secret to stress relief is hitting the punch mitts

I want you to think about what is stressing you out. Then, I want you to start kicking pads really hard for 30 minutes. Don't think that would help? It helps tremendously!

There is something about hitting something that gives you a sense of peace and calms your nerves. Release those feel-good hormones know as endorphins and go home collected and get a great night's rest.


Kickboxing gives you confidence

You want to feel confident in your daily life. There is nothing more confident than being able to kick butt. Remember confidence comes from being competent at something.

Every improvement in your journey gives you a small increase in your confidence level. You feel just a little bit stronger every day.

Now, you have set your mind to improve your martial arts abilities. Next, you set your mind to accomplish the goal of the work promotion, the next date or whatever you want to accomplish. You know that anything you want to accomplish requires the same work ethic, the same effort, and the same consistency and getting good at a martial art like kickboxing.

Kickboxing is a combat sport. But what if you don't want to compete?
Our class does sometimes include live sparring.

I know what you are thinking...
“But I don't want to spar” and yes you are right to have concerns. However, if sparring is done in the right environment and without ego, sparring can be really safe and super fun.

You know that the minutia you have to deal with at work, is nothing compared to the pressure you feel during sparring. Everything problem seems less important, your life now seems like a breeze, because you are constantly putting yourself under pressure in kickboxing class.

You now know path to get there and you have the confidence necessary to make it happen!

Is Kickboxing Effective And Practical Self-defense?

Yes, it is. Your knowledge of kickboxing is a definite advantage in a fight. If you combine your techniques to include just a few self defense-related targets, you will have an excellent and reliable means to defend yourself.

What do I mean by a few self defense-related targets? Well, the most vulnerable targets to attack on the human body are the eyes, throat and groin areas.

So if you can use your kickboxing techniques to aim for these specific areas, you have a practical self-defense system.

What To Expect When you Enroll In Our Kickboxing Class

First, we don't have a specific class that is just kickboxing. Kickboxing is part of what we call the adult beginner class. In the adult beginner class we do all of the styles of martial arts. So you will be learning the Jeet Kune Do version of kickboxing, while simultaneously learning the Muay Thai version of techniques. Chinese Kung Fu has a sport version of the art known as San Shou. We combine all of the arts together to form our kickboxing curriculum.

Sometime you will be working on the heavy bag. Other times, you will be working with a partner using punch mitts. And sometimes we go into sparring. Keep an open mind and know that we are there to make you strong, in shape and able to defend yourself.

All of our classes are based on authentic kickboxing techniques and strategies. You are not just another number here. This is a personalized experience where you get to know the people in your class and the instructor knows your name form the very first day. You get corrected on your form and the expectation is that you improve in your level of detail and actually get good at kickboxing.