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Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art that was developed by Sun Lu-tang, one of the most important figures in the history of Chinese martial arts. Sun was already an accomplished martial artist in XingYi Quan and Bagua Zhang when he was 50 years old and began to learn Tai Chi. He went on to create his own Tai Chi style, also known as Huobao Jia, which means lively pace frame.

Sun-Style Tai Chi Chuan: The Youngest Style with a Unique Flavor

Sun-style Tai Chi is characterized by fluid, continuous movements that flow like a gentle stream, with clearly defined weight transference between substantial and insubstantial steps. Stances are higher, with less kicking and punching, and dexterous movements are connected by opening and closing stances when direction is changed. The tempo stays the same throughout the form.

The most unique characteristic of Sun-style Tai Chi is its "Follow Steps" method, where one foot always follows the other. When the back foot touches the ground, the ball of the foot pushes downward to generate force, making Sun stepping quicker, smoother, and more lively. The style also emphasizes the use of mind to lead the qi, which controls the internal force and moves the body from the core.

Sun-style Tai Chi has great internal power, which strengthens both the mind and the body. The style is especially efficacious in cultivating qi and is popular among all ages of Tai Chi practitioners for its agile footwork and emphasis on the circulation of qi and health benefits.

The history of Sun Lu-tang is a fascinating one. Born in 1861 to a poor family in Hebei Province, Sun was a small and frail child who went to work as a servant for a cruel master with an even crueler son. After seeing a group of men practicing martial arts while out herding sheep, he began to study Kung Fu and went on to study with Shaolin master named Wu, who was impressed with the boy and taught him quickly.

Sun Lu-tang's research into the martial arts did more than result in the creation of the Tai Chi style that bears his name; he was also revolutionizing the academic world's conception of the martial arts and martial artists. He elevated the martial artist from an unlettered ruffian, best suited to performing on the streets for money or running a bodyguard service, to the position of gentleman and scholar. Today, we continue to prove the value-both intellectual and physical-of the discipline we call Kung Fu, by emulating Sun and masters like him.

The Benefits of Practicing Sun-Style Tai Chi Chuan 

Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan is a young style, as Kung Fu styles go, but it is now considered one of the four major styles of Tai Chi Chuan. It is widely practiced throughout China and is gaining popularity around the world. Sun-style Tai Chi works and has proven health benefits, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.