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  • What are some strategies or tips for fighting as the taller fighter?

You may have noticed that there are plenty of videos on Youtube on how to beat the taller fighter. However, there's not a lot how to fight if you are the taller fighter. Well, fear not, because we've got your back.

Fighting Tall: Three Tips for Fighting as the Taller Fighter

Here are three strategies or tips that you can use when fighting as the taller fighter.

Tip number one is get your opponent to respect you early on in the fight. You want to prevent them from simply walking forward and running you over. Do this by establishing range and using your jab or teep to keep them on the back foot. Use your reach and your long limbs to hit them without getting hit yourself.

If you can do this, you create a sense of confidence that you may not even feel, but your opponent will definitely perceive. You want them to think twice before coming forward.

Tip number two is faking a teep to land the knee. The key to this move is to control your opponent's head and arms and then timing your knee correctly. One of the best times to execute this move is after a counted overhand. Your opponent will be leaning forward, thus exposing their torso. Frame using the long guard. Grab onto their head and pull them into your knee, aiming for the solar plexus or ribs.

Tip number three is all utilize your range and escape the corner. If your opponent has you backed up, you don't want to be stuck there. Use the double jab from your lead side to create some distance. Give yourself room to maneuver. One strategy we like to use is the jab-cross-hook. Use this combo to reach for your opponent's head and pull them into the corner. This will make them more vulnerable to your attacks.

Fighting as the taller fighter can be challenging. However, you are going to give yourself an advantage in the ring if you take these tips seriously.

The 3 best strategies  for all of you tall guys out there is using your range to keep your opponent at bay, faking a teep to land the knee, or escaping the corner with the double jab are .

With the right strategies and mindset, you can succeed in the ring.