By Kevin

It’s helpful to have a set of steps to climb if you want to reach a higher level, whether you’re talking about a physical structure or an intangible goal. If your goal is increased renewals, keep these steps in mind:

Recognize progress. Your students need to see that they’re making headway. Tip tests and belt tests are definitely milestones, but be sure to give personal feedback as well, so students know you see something they may not.
Interest is naturally increased if students feel comfortable with their next tip or belt test. Also, be sure to keep interest up by keeping your material varied and exciting. This leads to…

Increased attendance. Students want to attend class to be sure they pass their next test, catch another tidbit of marital arts history or hear the latest personal development advice.

Retention grows naturally from a progressive, interesting and challenging program, which in turn makes students eager to renew their membership.

Renewal. If you keep these progressive steps in mind, you can help increase your retention and renewal numbers every month.

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