By Kevin

Who should learn martial arts?


There is a reason why Oprah, Dr Phil, Dr Laura Schlesinger, Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser), Tony Robbins, doctors, physiologists, and educators the world over all have alluded to the fact that martial arts is a hugely valuable activity with substantial benefits for just about everyone.

These benefits go way beyond self-defense. Martial arts can help in nearly every aspect of one’s life. Improved health and fitness, athletic enhancement, increased confidence, better concentration, better behavior; the list of benefits goes on and on.

At our Kovar’s Satori Academy schools, we are sending out a clear message to our community as to why everyone should learn martial arts. This concept is nothing new; we have all been doing this in one way or another for our entire careers. The difference for us is that we have never been quite as deliberate in our efforts as we are now. I believe that everyone should learn Martial Arts and I know you do too.

There is no doubt that we have already made great progress in making martial arts more acceptable in the mainstream but we still have a long way to go. Can you imagine what would happen to our industry if we could gather together with a universal battle cry?

If we all join together with a strong and consistent message, we will all benefit, I promise.

We've put together an e-book that lists the top benefits for training in martial arts. Check it out and share it with your students, friends and colleagues. If it helps convince some people to enroll in your program, everyone benefits.

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