By Kevin

If they aren’t already, your younger students will soon be on their summer break from school. Parents will be looking for things for them to do. So, this brings us to one of the big questions we face all year:

Do we add AM classes to our schedule?

I believe the answer is yes. With school out for summer, AM classes make it easy for kids to keep coming to classes consistently. If you choose not to go this route, you may find that many kids start missing classes because they got started on something else in the morning. If martial arts class isn’t until later in the afternoon, there’s a good chance that the kids will be doing something else when it’s time to come to class. Imagine a mom who goes out to tell her kids to get out of the pool because it’s time to go to martial arts classes. It’s easy to envision the kids begging her to let them stay in the pool (or playing ball, or doing any other fun activity).

And even if they’re done with whatever they did in the morning, when it’s time for class, they may complain that they’re too tired to go. So mom gives in and tells them that they don’t have to. One week they skip a class. The next week, they don’t come at all. And next thing you know, the student that was coming consistently is about to become a quit.

But if you have morning classes, it’s much more likely to get the kids to attend classes consistently through the summer.

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