Recruit Students with the Power of Persuasion

By Kevin

The first step to being able to effectively recruit students for your school is to fine-tune your power of persuasion. Every good teacher has a high level of persuasion power.

To achieve this, follow the rule of 3:

Likeability. People prefer to do business with people they like and enjoy being around. With whom would you rather do business: the grumpy, unsmiling

and indifferent work or the warm and friendly employee? Try to be the instructor you’d like to teach you!

Enthusiasm. If you’re enthusiastic about the benefits of Martial Arts and teaching it, people will more likely become interested. If your energy exudes confidence in and willingness to support your students, those feelings will rub off on your potential parents or students. Then they’ll feel secure and confident enrolling in your school.

Trustworthiness. Trust is usually not given easily, especially if a student has had bad experiences in the past. In order to quickly earn the trust of your students and the younger students’ parents, be sure to present yourself professionally at all times. Nowadays, this can be a challenging task. You don’t want to appear too formal, but you don’t want to be overly casual either. Take your cues from your student and always err on the side of being more respectful over more casual.

When you practice likability, enthusiasm and trustworthiness on a regular basis, you can become more persuasive and move your career forward along the path to success.

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