How Belt Promotions Can Benefit Your School

By Kevin

How many belt promotions have you done at your school? If you’ve been teaching Martial Arts for a while, you know the belt promotion drill so well you could probably run one in your sleep. And that’s the problem. You’re so familiar with belt promotions that it’s easy to go on autopilot. And when you go on autopilot, the event is lackluster and the students feel that.

It’s important to keep belt promotions exciting and fresh, because they have the potential to provide multiple benefits to your school. Here are a few examples:

Parents will be reminded how great your program is. For some parents, belt promotions are the only time they come into the school. If they see a dazzling belt promotion and if their child shines at the event, they’ll leave with a strong feeling that your program is great for their child. If they see a lackluster promotion and if their child does just okay, they may begin to feel that it’s time for their child to try something new.

Children will be reminded how much they love martial arts. The journey to earning a black belt takes years and, inevitably, most children will get bored or discouraged along the way. But when children are well-prepared for their promotion and the promotion event is brilliantly executed, they walk onto the mat with confidence and perform at a very high level. Everyone in the audience is smiling at them. They feel great! And suddenly they remember how much they love martial arts! Quitting is the last thing on their mind.

Guests at the event will want to get in on the fun. Here’s the scene: you’re running your best promotion ever. The kids are sharp. Your staff is at their very best. The event is well-paced with just the right mixture of fun, seriousness, showmanship and top-notch demonstrations. Everyone in the audience is impressed. You can be sure that many of those in attendance will be curious to learn more about your programs.
Keep these benefits in mind as you prepare for your next belt promotion, you’ll be glad you did.

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