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  • The Five Core Beliefs: How to Build a Successful Martial Arts School

Listen, folks, as a martial arts professional, I feel damn blessed to be able to teach and serve my students. Let me tell you, it ain't always easy, but the rewards are worth every bit of the hard work. I take pride in being a martial artist and strive to embody the values and skills that I teach to my students.

The Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Now, when I step onto the mat, I'm a teacher, and my product is the classroom. My focus is on teaching and serving my students to the best of my abilities, because I know that my impact as a teacher extends beyond the classroom. I have the opportunity to help my students develop important life skills and reach their full potential.

To make this happen, I focus on The Five Core Beliefs, which guide the way that I run my school. The first belief is that we're the friendliest damn place in town. Visitors are greeted quickly and made to feel important every day. Our instructors eagerly approach students and remind senior students to greet junior students every day. Respect permeates throughout the school through bows, handshakes, and polite greetings.

The second belief is that we're the cleanest damn place in town. The exterior of the school, lobby, mat, and bathrooms are spotless all the time, and we maintain a family-friendly environment.

Now, the third belief is crucial. We only teach great classes, never just good classes. Every class is taught by motivated, enthusiastic, and well-trained instructors who have the students' best interest in mind. Every class is a great workout that teaches age and rank-appropriate curriculum and quality life skills. We stress student camaraderie to ensure that our students feel like part of a community.

And let me tell you, folks, we don't mess around with communication. The fourth belief is that we're excellent at student/parent communication. We strive to communicate effectively with students and parents from inquiry to enrollment, enrollment to Black Belt Club, Black Belt Club to Black Belt test, and Black Belt and beyond.

Last but not least, the fifth and final belief is all about spreading the word. Every day we look for opportunities to recruit new members. We encourage family members of existing students to give martial arts a try, and we share the benefits of martial arts with people outside the school when it is appropriate.

Now, let me tell you something. The only way that our school can continue to grow and prosper is through staff development. That's why I treat my team as I want them to treat our students, giving them ongoing guidance and feedback. I'm constantly on the lookout for new talent and am not shy about it.

And you know what? Challenges will present themselves, folks. But I greet them head-on, knowing that I will get through them and be better for it. As a martial arts professional, I'm committed to providing the best possible experience for my students and their families. I take pride in the positive impact that I can make on their lives, and let me tell you, it's a damn good feeling.