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Yes, toddlers can learn martial arts. Martial arts schools that are qualified to teach classes for kids ages 3-4 are few and far between. Martial arts classes for toddlers should focus more on developing self-confidence, and listening skills rather than combative ability.

 If you can find a school where the instructors are great with kids this age you have found a gem!

3 Year Old Martial Arts

Some Of The Things Your Toddler Will Learn In Martial Arts Classes For Toddlers Are:

  • Your child will push their bodies:  At this age physical coordination is an important part of their development.
  • Listening Skills: In order to do the moves your toddler will have to pay attention.
  • Your toddler will learn social skills: Every class starts off with the four things required for a polite greeting: Eye contact, a firm handshake, a smile, and an introduction

A long time ago, people would ask us "What's the youngest age you can take in as a student?" Almost always, we would reply with "At least 5 years old."

However, since then, we have turned around. We have a completely different outlook on teaching toddlers. Our opinion now is that children ages 3-4 can definitely learn the basics of martial arts. You just have to make sure your expectations are in line with their capabilities.

We recognize that your toddler has very different developmental needs than older kids. 

When we first started teaching this age group we failed terribly. We were trying to teach the class as if the children were 4-9 years old, which was a big mistake. It took us a while but through trial and error, we began to see some success. We had to tweak our curriculum and we had to tweak the time frames we would use in class.

The Secret to teaching toddlers? Break up class into sections

You see...

The key to instructing your toddler at this young age is breaking the classes into smaller sections.

So a 40-minute class is actual 4 ten minute classes strung together. Teaching in this way ensures that classes are fun and will hold the interest of a 3-year-old.

Your toddler will never get bored in our martial arts for toddlers class because we do something called disguise repetition. What that means is that there are many ways of practicing the same thing. The blocks and punches practiced in the air during warm-up can also be practiced on the heavy bag during the second section of the class.

Over time we refined this program until we know exactly what to teach and how to teach it to your toddler. It was quite the challenge but now the Little dragons martial arts program is a great success.

What to expect when you enroll your toddler into the martial arts classes for toddlers

The same movements can be practiced against a live opponent during the obstacle course.

This technique allows your toddler to grasp every component of the class. Their confidence increases each time something new is learned.

Your toddler will develop their hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction, and motor skills.

Our school's philosophy in instructing your  toddler is that praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement are the only things that really work.

What to expect when you enroll your toddler in our martial arts for toddlers class

For children at a young age, we like to work on their coordination skills.

In the martial arts classes for toddlers, we use a lot of the punching mitts and work on a set pattern of various punches or blocks.

One of the most fun parts of martial arts for toddlers class is learning tumbling

The type of workout your toddler gets from tumbling can give them a foundation for life long fitness.

When they learn how to be fit as children they are more likely to remain fit as adults. As they get older they will remember that they can get a really good workout without having to lift weights or do cardio on the elliptical.

Second, the tumbling class gives your toddler flexibility.

Stretching is basically boring for toddlers. They just have to sit there and endure uncomfortable positions. But if you incorporate stretching into movement, the exercises become much more fun

Listening skills

Thirdly, being in a tumbling class teaches listening skills. We give your toddler a routine that they have to memorize and in doing so, we force them to have to pay attention to. They must become good listeners in order to do the sequence in order.

Lastly, the tumbling class gives your toddler a great sense of balance and spatial awareness.

Balance is not just about learning to stand on one foot. There are actually many different types of balancing that humans need to master in order to be physically coordinated.

Tumbling will build all of these different types of balance skills in your toddler.