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  • What is a short stick and how can it be used for self-defense?

Imagine you're walking home from work then suddenly, someone tries robbing you with a weapon. What would you do? How would you defend yourself? What if you had a simple self-defense tool that could save your life?

Defend Yourself with a Simple Self-Defense Tool: The Short Stick

In this article, we'll discuss the short stick. The short stick is also known as "convo" in Japanese or Okinawan martial arts. This tool is easy to use. You can pick up short sticks just about anywhere. You can even make an improvised stick by rolling a magazine up really tightly.

What to do when facing an attacker with a weapon

Let's say you encounter someone with a weapon. You have nothing to defend yourself. What should you do? You should have been carrying a short stick in your bag, backpack, or car.

It's not as long as a regular self-defense stick. Many attackers won't even perceive it as a weapon. One of my students used to carry a tire thumper with him all the time. If you don't know what a tire thumper is, it is a short stick that  lets you know if your tires are fully pressurized by making a thump as it hits the rubber.

Thrusting is the simplest and most effective move

When an attacker confronts you, You shouldn't wait to parry his strike strike. Instead, you should attack first using the easiest most straightforward move. The best attack is thrusting. Go straight in for the operating system that's controlling the weapon. That system is the attackers intent to hurt tyou. If the attacker is injured he no longer has the motive to hurt you. All they want to do is get away. Don't use your hands to take away his weapon or try block it. Using your short stick, you can thrust to their face, eyes, solar plexus, or groin.

Other moves to practice

Thrusting is the best nut you can also try other moves. Swinging the stick doesn't have as much power and wont damage the opponent as much as thrusting will but you can mix it up you attacks to be more unpredictable. . To make these moves more powerful, use your whole body when striking. Turn your shoulders and hips hard. Take a step as you go through to accelerate the strike. Always focus on your targets your target.

Using two hands for more power

Using two hands on the stick will give you twice the power. Lower yourself by bending your knees. You'll have more balance and power. Then, come back up with an explosive motion. M-ove into your attacker's midsection. You can strike him in the head or roll the stick into his face.

How to deal with a common attack

According to self-defense experts, the most common attack with a weapon is a slashing motion from the top down. In almost every style of Filipino martial arts this strike is known as angle 1. If the attacker strikes this way, don't recoil. Instead, put your hands up between you and your attacker. If you have a short stick, use it to thrust into his face. Keep your other hand braced against your head.

Practice moving into the attack

Finally, practice moving into the attack instead of moving back. Don't turn and run. Instead, thrust your stick into his face or solar plexus. Cover up with your other hand and keep moving forward. If your attacker keeps swinging, keep thrusting and swinging until he's down.

The short stick is a simple self-defense tool that can save your life. Train yourself to use it. Watch youtube video for more techniques. You'll be able to defend yourself against any attackers with weapons. Being prepared can make all the difference.