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  • What should I do if I am cornered by multiple attackers?

Just imagine: you are alone and walking in a desolate, poorly-lit area like a parking garage or parking lot. Several men approach you and attempt to harm you. What should you do?

Being cornered by multiple attackers is a nightmare scenario  A trained martial artist may be able to reliably defeat a single attacker and make their getaway. However, If you have not trained in martial arts, then your chances of getting injured increase greatly. 

That's why I highly recommend joining an ONGOING self defense class as soon as possible.

First, avoid the situation if possible 

The first thing to note is to attempt to avoid the situation in the first place. If it is after dark in a known crime area, for example, and you feel unsafe walking back to your car, could someone escort you there? It is usually far preferable (and far easier) to avoid the situation in the first place. If you did decide to walk back to your car in the above situation, could you have avoided the situation upon seeing individuals who made you uncomfortable?

Fighting Multiple Attackers

If escape or avoidance is not possible, you may have to make other choices. What do your attackers want? If it is a mugging or carjacking, it may be simpler and safer to simply hand over your wallet or keys. Though most of us detest the idea of giving in to criminals, it may be the best choice to avoid a violent confrontation. Especially if your attackers outnumber you and are armed, you may not be likely to win, no matter how good your roundhouse kick is.

Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers

The fact is…

I believe that It is important that you remain calm and make logical deductions about the situation. How many attackers are there? Do you they a weapon or weapons? (Keep in mind there could be more weapons than it immediately seems; if one has a weapon, assume the others might as well). 
Instead of trying to fight all attackers simultaneously, focus on one at a time. The opponent you pick should be the greatest threat to you. Your goal should be to incapacitate this opponent quickly in order to deal with the next. Keep your eye on the others to ensure no one can get around or behind you.

Multiple Attackers Drill

Consider this:

If you find yourself cornered by multiple attackers, it is important to remain calm and assess the situation carefully. It is generally best to avoid engaging multiple attackers at once, if possible, as this can be a dangerous and overwhelming situation. Instead, try to look for opportunities to de-escalate the situation or escape.

If escape is not possible, and you are forced to defend yourself, it is generally best to focus on one attacker at a time. This can help to reduce the likelihood of being overwhelmed or injured.

So the question has to be asked. "Which one to attack first?

When deciding which attacker to engage first, try to identify the most immediate threat and focus on neutralizing that threat first. This may be the attacker who is closest to you, or the one who appears to be the most aggressive or dangerous.

It is also important to be aware of your surroundings and the potential for other attackers to join the fight. While you are focusing on one attacker, keep an eye on the other attackers and be prepared to defend against them if necessary. Additionally, try to communicate with the other attackers, if possible, in order to de-escalate the situation and avoid violence.

Here are some things you can try:

  1. 1
    Try to talk your way out of the situation. Remain calm and try to defuse the situation by explaining that you don't want any trouble and asking them to leave you alone.
  2. 2
    If you are unable to escape, try to defend yourself. Use any objects nearby as weapons if necessary, and aim for vulnerable areas such as the eyes, nose, or groin.
  3. 3
    Try to get the attention of other people nearby. Shout for help or use your phone to call the police.
  4. 4

    If you are being attacked, try to protect your head and vital organs as much as possible.

I can't stress this enough... 

It's important to remember that your safety is the most important thing. Do whatever you can to protect yourself and get away from the attackers. If you are unable to escape, try to remain as calm as possible and focus on defending yourself.

Don’t assume that once the confrontation starts you must incapacitate all of them. Be aggressive, but be on the lookout for opportunities to make your escape or give the other opponents reason to stop. Attempt to de-escalate when you can, but only if doing so ensures safety for yourself.