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The benefits for kids are almost magical. It'll instill a sense of respect and self-confidence. It'll help them defend themselves, and improve their strength, balance, coordination, and posture.

Kids Martial Arts Class

Here Are The Top Ten Benefits Of Martial Arts For Kids

1. Martial Arts Builds Confidence

Quite a lot that goes into a typical martial arts practice. It all contributes to the way that they build confidence.

Soon, kids learn to control their bodies. They learn to manage the force they use, and the movements they want.

Confidence comes from competence. Once they get a feel for being good at something they usually will not want to stop.

Each of these factors into building confidence. A martial arts practice can teach your kids that they can overcome anything. They can push through any hardship.

Martial arts also relieves stress, which can ease anxiety. This too contributes to a child's self-confidence.

Jacinda Throwing
Landen Pushups

2. Martial Arts Build Strength

Classes at our academy can be especially rewarding for kids who struggle with team-oriented sports. Many kids need an outlet for their energy, something that rewards their efforts.

And sometimes team sports just don't cut it. They need a productive outlet that's more tailored to their needs.

Moreover, if your kid has struggled with other sports in the past, they should consider martial arts. They'll build strength and get exercise. So on top of these benefits from martial arts, they can still enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, like healthy habits, endorphin release, and stress relief.

3. Improves Self Control

Learning moves takes practice, repetition, and perseverance.  You have to learn to balance the right amount of force with direction and coordination.

Having to stay still is one of the hardest things for a young child to do. The attention stance you see in the military is a great way to get kids used to the idea of staying still.

All of this puts together improves a child's self-control.

Kids Martial Arts Class
Kids Kung Fu

4. Boosts Focus

Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? Martial arts can be especially good for kids with ADHD and other attention problems. It boosts the ability to focus and follow through with an action or routine. Kids who practice martial arts can focus for longer periods than those who don't practice.

5. Improves Street Awareness

Specifically, kids who learn martial arts pay better attention to the surrounding environment. This can make the difference between safety and danger. Wouldn't you love for your child to pay attention if they're in a bad neighborhood, or a sketchy person approaches them?

They learn to trust their intuition and avoid dangerous scenarios. This alone can help keep them safe.

Nayland Punching

6. It Teaches Respect

Most martial arts are based on a foundation of respect. Respect for the room, for the teacher, for themselves and the environment. Even when lessons are over, kids who practice martial arts can bring it into the real world around them.

Furthermore, you might worry that martial arts will make your kid more violent, but that's simply not the case. They learn to respect the world around them, not react violently to it.

7. Teaches Goal Setting And Perseverance

Specifically, if a student wants to learn a particular routine, they have to break the set down into small motions and actions. But these routines build on top of each other. It's the same way you need to learn how to add fractions before you can learn to multiply them.

Hence, if a kid wants to learn the entire routine, they have to learn to break it down. This transfers over into real-world goal setting and perseverance skills. A child can look back on practicing a particular routine and how all the small steps got them to their goal.

Nayland Punching
Isabella Jumping Jacks

8. Builds Discipline

To get good at martial arts, it takes practice, perseverance, and discipline. Practicing martial arts builds valuable skills. Kids can transfer these skills into other areas of their lives.

For example, discipline can help them push through hard times. It's there when they're struggling with school, other skills, or friendships.

Discipline can get them past the hurdle when they learn to apply for scholarships and college. They will learn to keep going, no matter what.

9. Improves Self-Defense

Of course, most parents enroll their kids in martial arts to teach them self-defense, and this is a good way to go. Kids who practice martial arts are better at defending themselves.

So if you want your kid to know what to do if they're in danger, enroll them in martial arts. It'll help them stay calm in a crisis, and get to safety.

Especially with classes for younger children, martial arts teaches tactics to avoid dangerous areas and people. But they also teach nonviolent skills that help a kid who may be dealing with bullies at school.

Nayland Punching
Jacinda Throwing

10. Improves Balance, Posture, And Coordination

Your child starts building moves slowly, piece by piece. It requires balance to move smoothly and slowly from one move into another.

Next, your child will learn to stand up straight and hit their target where they're aiming. They learn to block oncoming attacks. All of this works to build a child's balance, coordination, and posture.

Martial Arts for Kids Is Loaded With Benefits

In conclusion, kids as young as three years old can take martial arts classes. This will help set them up for the rest of their life.

Ready to take advantage of all the benefits martial arts has to offer? Sign up for our classes today.