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  • Are Wrestling Techniques Useful For Real Self Defense?

Wrestling provides a good “base” for actual fighting. Learning to, control your opponent and taking them to the ground are paramount skills for sure.. however, you must keep in mind that a real self defense situation can involve both multiple opponents and weapons.

Wrestling Class

Everyone has their own opinion regarding which is more practical, stand up striking vs. grappling.

 Some people feel that arts such as boxing and kung fu are more useful. At the same time, others maintain that most fights will end up being a grappling situation. The fight will eventually go to the ground by someone tripping, losing their balance or intentionally by one of the opponents initiating a tackle.

The biggest problem with the type of wrestling most often taught as a sport, the Collegiate type… is that it does not account for eye gouges, groin strikes, weapons or multiple opponents.

The focus on college wrestling is to pin the opponent to the ground to win the match.

You will not win a self defense situation this way.

We believe that every martial arts have value. In a self-defense situation, wrestling can be used with great success.

 This is especially true when combining techniques with other striking arts like Kung Fu and Escrima.. When you combine wrestling and the other arts together you have a very practical method of self-defense. 

Our grappling classes do not only focus on self-defense alone. In class, we make sure to emphasize the sport aspects of grappling and wrestling. We firmly believe that pitting yourself against a resisting opponent has much value. But, we try to keep the wrestling classes safe. No groin strikes or eye strikes permitted. We safely work on positioning against a resisting partner.