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  • Are Wrestling Techniques Useful For Real Self Defense?

Wrestling techniques can be especially useful in close-quarters combat, where there may not be enough space to strike effectively. In such situations, knowing how to control an attacker through grappling techniques can be a valuable skill. Wrestling techniques can also be helpful in defending against takedowns or grappling attacks from an attacker. However, you must keep in mind that a real self defense situation can involve both multiple opponents and weapons.

Wrestling Class

Everyone has their own opinion regarding which is more practical, stand up striking vs. grappling

 Some people feel that arts such as boxing and kung fu are more useful. At the same time, others maintain that most fights will end up being a grappling situation. The fight will eventually go to the ground by someone tripping, losing their balance or intentionally by one of the opponents initiating a tackle.

While wrestling techniques can be effective in a self-defense situation, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

The biggest problem with the type of wrestling most often taught as a sport, the Collegiate type… is that it does not account for eye gouges, groin strikes, weapons or multiple opponents.

The focus on college wrestling is to pin the opponent to the ground to win the match.

You will not win a self defense situation this way.

Some cons to using wrestling in self defense

  1. Risk of injury: Wrestling techniques carry a risk of injury. If you are not properly trained or attempt to use a technique incorrectly, you could end up injuring yourself (imagine doing a single leg takedown and your knee shatters as you touch it to the hard cement).
  2. Limited applicability: Wrestling techniques may not be effective in all self-defense situations. If an attacker is armed or if there are multiple attackers, wrestling techniques may not be the best option.
  3. Not practical for all body types: Wrestling techniques can require a certain level of strength, agility, and flexibility, weak people cannot effectively perform the techniques
  4. Not effective against all attackers: Wrestling techniques may not be effective against someone who is significantly larger or stronger than you, or those who have training in martial arts or other combat techniques.

It's better to combine wrestling with striking

When you combine wrestling and and striking techniques, you have a great system. You can use the wrestling stuffs to grab your attacker and take them down to the ground. When they're off-balance, you can yhen use your striking to finish them off

This works only well when you're up against a single attacker because it allows you to control the situation and take care of the threat quickly. However, it's as effective if you're facing multiple attackers or someone with a weapon. Focusing too much on one assailant vulnerable to attacks from other attackers.

Remember, when you have a variety of self-defense techniques in your toolbox, you can adapt to different scenarios. Combining striking and wrestling increases your chances of effectively defending yourself in a variety of situations.