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  • Are you making these common mistakes with your Osoto Gari?

The four most common mistakes when attempting O-soto-gari are: Not starting offset, Not enough Kuzushi, Leg is too farm and Focusing only on the legs.

Osoto Gari

Mistake 1: Not starting offset

For Osoto Gari it is important to not start your throw while standing directly in front of your opponent. Instead move slightly to the side so as to have room to charge forward. When executing the throw, You are standing directly adjacent to your opponent so start the throw slanted/diagonal relative to your opponents position.

Mistake 2: Poor Kuzushi

Kuzushi means balance breaking, and it is a crucial aspect of executing Osoto gari correctly. Often, people fail to break their opponent's balance, making it difficult to execute the throw. To avoid this mistake, you need to use your arms and legs effectively to unbalance your opponent in the direction you want to throw them.

Osoto Gari

Mistake 3: Wrong placement of the Leg

Another common mistake is placing your leg too far away from your opponent. If your leg is too far, it will be challenging to take your opponent down. Alternatively, if your leg is too close, you will not have enough room to sweep your opponent's leg. To avoid this mistake, you need to find the right distance between yourself and your opponent, ensuring your leg is in the correct position.

Mistake 4: Focusing only on the leg

People often focus too much on the sweeping leg and forget about their upper body. This mistake leaves you vulnerable to counter-attacks from your opponent. To avoid this mistake, you need to maintain proper posture and keep your upper body close to your opponent while executing Osoto gari. This will help you stay in control and prevent your opponent from launching a counter-attack.

Bonus Tip

Getting a high grip on the lapel with your tsurite (lifting hand) will give you an advantage. You will be able to push their upper body forward using more leverage. The higher up on you opponent you push the more their upper body will go backwards. The lower you push the more they are able to absorb the force of your push into their body mass.

Osoto Gari

Find the right instructor

The choice of a qualified instructor is of paramount importance when embarking on the journey of martial arts, irrespective of your skill level. The significance of an adept mentor cannot be overstated, as they have the potential to shape your learning experience by imparting proper techniques, injury prevention strategies, and fostering a safe and supportive environment.

What makes a good instructor indispensable? Firstly, a good instructor should possess the necessary experience and qualifications to teach the art effectively and minimize the likelihood of injuries. Have you ever been under the tutelage of an incompetent teacher who was clueless?

Furthermore, a good instructor must have a knack for explaining the complexities of martial arts in simple and understandable terms. Have you ever encountered an educator who was skilled but unable to communicate their knowledge effectively? A good instructor should make martial arts easy to comprehend and enjoyable.

Lastly, a good instructor should have your well-being as a top priority, ensuring that you are in a secure and encouraging environment while pushing you to reach your full potential. The physical demands of martial arts necessitate that the training environment is safe and devoid of harmful practices.