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  • How do I set traps in boxing? Setups explained

In boxing, "traps" and "setups" are strategies used to deceive an opponent and create openings for punches. Here's a breakdown of each:

Boxing Traps


Traps are techniques used to lure an opponent into a vulnerable position, making them susceptible to a counterattack. Here are some common traps:


A feint is a fake attack that is meant to distract or mislead an opponent. This fake  attack is never meant to actually reach your opponent. By throwing a punch that is not intended to connect, a boxer can make their opponent move or react in a certain way, creating an opening for a real punch. If you mix in enough feints into your style, you become VERY unpredictable.

Baiting and Draw-outs:

A draw-out is a technique where a boxer purposely leaves an opening for their opponent to attack, with the intention of countering their attack. For example, a boxer might lower their guard to encourage their opponent to throw a punch, only to counter with a punch of their own. In JKD we would call this Attack By Draw which is one of Bruce Lee's 5 ways of attack.

Boxing Traps

Boxing Traps


Setups are techniques used to create openings for punches by distracting or confusing an opponent. Some common setups include:

Jabbing: A jab is a quick, light punch that is meant to keep an opponent at bay or set up more powerful punches. By repeatedly jabbing at an opponent's face, a boxer can create an opening for a punch to the body or head.

Footwork: Footwork is the movement of a boxer's feet, and it can be used to set up punches by creating angles or distancing oneself from an opponent. By moving in and out, side to side, or pivoting, a boxer can create openings for punches.

Combination punches: Combination punches are a series of punches thrown in rapid succession. By throwing punches from different angles and at different speeds, a boxer can confuse their opponent and create openings for more powerful punches.

Boxing Traps

Overall, both traps and setups require a high level of skill and strategy in order to be effective. Boxers must be able to read their opponents and adapt their techniques on the fly in order to succeed in the ring.