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Hey there! So, in jiu-jitsu, there are some moves that are considered "dirty" because they can really hurt your opponent. Obviously, these moves should only be used in self-defense situations or in competition where they're allowed. You definitely don't want to be going around using them in everyday life because everyone at your gym will hate you!

Dirty BJJ Techniques

Before we begin, it is important to note that these techniques should only be used in self-defense situations or in competition where they are allowed. It is never acceptable to use them outside of these contexts, and doing so can result in a hit to your reputation.

Some of these might be considered okay at your gym

Submissions that pose a high risk of injury, such as neck cranks, heel hooks, estima locks, wrist locks, and chokes that crush the trachea and throat, or applying body triangling/mounting with excessive force that can result in traumatic asphyxia, or knee-on-face to escape from reverse triangling, are all considered unsportsmanlike conduct. These moves can be performed by both men and women, and I am now more confident in calling them out as such to my training partners. Moreover, when someone bullies small white belts, particularly women, it goes beyond mere unsportsmanlike conduct and constitutes as outright harassment. In the end, the safety and well-being of our training partners should be our top priority if we want to continue training for many years to come.

Dick Moves

9 Dirty BJJ Tactics

  1. 1
    Jaw crack from back mount
  2. 2
    Putting your hand over their mouth.
  3. 3
    Putting your foot on their throat.
  4. 4
    Knee on the neck.
  5. 5
    Small joint manipulation
  6. 6
    Face grinding
  7. 7
    Pressure points
  8. 8
    Smothering their face with your beer belly.
  9. 9
    The oilcheck (aka finger in the butthole)

Knee On Neck

Face Grinding

When it comes to jiu-jitsu, technique and leverage reign supreme over brute strength. 

Don't get me wrong, I think you should learn these dirty techniques eventually, Most of these are extremely valuable for self defense!

These types of moves should only be used in when you are in actual danger and need to make sure to win. Using them outside of these contexts can result in serious consequences to your standing at the academy.

How many of these have been done to you in training?