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  • What is the best way to prevent my child from being bullied?

Most of what I’ve read about bullying prevention on the web is complete b.s. 

I googled bullying prevention and the first 10 results all have the same type of ridiculous advice. Here the general consensus among the so called experts:

  1. 1
    Document everything.
  2. 2
    Tell the teacher.
  3. 3
    Tell the principle.
  4. 4

    File a complaint.

  5. 5

    Teach coping skills.

  6. 6

    Contact the offender's parents.

  7. 7

    Model compassionate, respectful relationships

Here’s the problem. None of these actually work.

The state of society today is where the younger generation has been taught that someone else will take care of the problem for you. Tell the teacher, they will solve the problem for you. As they get older they take this philosophy into the work force. Tell Human Resources, they will take care of the problem for you.

 We have raised an entire generation who cannot solve problems themselves. 

There is only one way to protect your child.

You know what I'm going to say, get your kid into martial arts immediately. Get them in there and let them start to learn what it's like to deal with people physically. Martial arts will build up their confidence and it won't be false confidence. It'll be real confidence because they will know how to handle themselves. 

They will have people that are trying to punch them in the face or tackle them to the ground and they will learn to prevent that from happening. They will learn to punch other people when warranted.

When you get them into martial arts, you also get him to start doing push-ups, squats, and burpees. They get physically stronger, They get more coordinated. They get hit in class. They learn that it's no big deal. They know they can take a hit if they have to. They know they can dodge a punch. They see how new students cannot fight. They translate this to knowing that the average bully cannot fight.

So, that's how you prevent bullying in my opinion. 


Real Results

I'll tell you at our academy, over the years we've probably had a few dozen kids that have come in precisely because they were getting bullied at school and every one of those cases within maybe six months, of them coming in, all the bullying stops.

The parents come to me and say he's not getting bullied anymore.

Sometimes there's that one incident where that 10-year-old is getting picked on and picked on every day. Then all of a sudden they start training martial arts, one day they fight back against the bully and they never get picked on again. 

They're confident and they don’t become bullies themselves. In fact, they become protectors because they know what it's like to be bullied. They know how it feels to be helpless. They don't like to see other people get bullied.

Get your kids into martial arts if they're getting bullied and it will not only teach them to prevent themselves from being bullied it will prevent them from becoming a bully.  They can recognize what physical intimidation is. 

Bullying is psychological not physical.

I think it's pretty well known that usually when you're bullied, it's not necessarily about physical violence. For the bully, it’s more psychological torment. It's a power trip

Most bullies feel like they can physically win and therefore they can mentally abuse people. 

Once your kid finally stands their ground realizes that “You know what I can actually take this person out” then the whole dynamic changes. Like, “Are you trying to fight me right now?” The bullying will usually stop because everything is built on the premise that the bully can physically beat you up. If you're an insecure kid and start to learn martial arts, it's almost like you can't help but just radiate that kind of secure confidence.