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Ko Uchi Gari is a foot sweep technique in Judo that lots of people love using because it's so effective! But, I gotta warn you, it can be a bit tricky to do just right. Even experienced Judokas sometimes make some common mistakes when they try to use it.

Ko Uchi Gari

Mistake 1: Not breaking opponent's balance enough

As with most Judo techniques, breaking the opponent's balance, or kuzushi, is essential in executing Ko Uchi Gari. Many Judokas make the mistake of not effectively breaking their opponent's balance before attempting the technique, making it easier for the opponent to resist or counter.

Breaking your opponent's balance diagonally using your hands is a fundamental principle in Judo that is essential for executing many techniques, including throws like Ko Uchi Gari and Tai Otoshi. It involves using your hands to create a diagonal force on your opponent, destabilizing their balance and making it easier to execute the technique.

To break your opponent's balance diagonally using your hands, you first need to establish a strong grip on their uniform, such as their sleeve or lapel. You can then use your hands to push or pull in a diagonal direction, creating a force that destabilizes their balance. The direction of the force will depend on the technique you are attempting and the position of your opponent.

For example, when attempting Ko Uchi Gari, you might use your left hand to push your opponent's left sleeve diagonally downward, while using your righ hand to push their right lapel diagonally as well. This creates a diagonal force that destabilizes your opponent's balance and makes it easier to execute the foot sweep.

It's important to note that breaking your opponent's balance diagonally using your hands. This requires proper technique and timing. Judokas must also be aware of their own balance and positioning, as well as the movements of their opponent, to execute the technique effectively.

Ko Uchi Gari

Mistake 2: Not using the arms correctly

Your arms play a crucial role in Ko Uchi Gari. Many Judokas make the mistake of not using their arms to properly control their opponent's balance or to create the opening needed to execute the foot sweep.

By far the biggest mistake most beginners make is to focus too much on the legs to make this work,

I personally think it has to do with peoples ability to focus on multiple things at the same time. For most people trying to focus on what to do with your legs and simultaneously trying to focus what to do with your hands is pretty tough in a live randori session.

However to make this throw work your body needs to work as a unit. Everything from momentum, to hand position to leg placement all determine whether you will score with this throw.

Ko Uchi Gari

Incorrect entry:

Another common mistake is entering too far from the opponent when attempting Ko Uchi Gari. Entering too far can make it difficult to sweep the opponent's foot.

Don't bend your knees too much or you will not be able to reach your opponent's leg. Get in really deep.

Bonus Tip:

Off timing your kuzushi and your sweep will work wonders for your success rate with this throw. Focus on pushing them off balance first. Wait half a second before sweeping.

This will fix the most common problem with Ko Uchi Gari, which is, there is too much weight on uke's foot. How many times have you gone for Ko Uchi Gari and the opponent just braces themselves for the power? sweeping their foot feels like trying to sweep a tree stump. It is immovable.

Take the weight off their standing leg first, then sweep it out from under them.