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  • Are you making these common mistakes with your O Uchi Gari?

O Uchi Gari is a super effective foot throw. But let me tell you, it can be pretty tricky to pull off correctly. A lot of Judokas end up making some common mistakes when they attempt it in Randori.

O Uchi Gari

Mistake 1: Throwing in the wrong direction

The biggest mistake beginners make when attempting O Uchi Gari is to throw in the wrong direction. Most people are taught early on in their training that you should drive straight back when doing O Uuchi Gari However, this is not entirely true. Try driving them back at a slight backward angle rather than straight back. The reason why is that your opponent can use their other leg to brace themselves and you will not be able to finish the throw. Instead, try a 30-degree angle on the side leg you are trying to sweep out.

Imagine that there is a string tied to both feet of your opponent. Throw perpendicular to this line after they step back.

O Uchi Gari

Mistake 2: Telegraphing your  intentions

One mistake you might be making is telegraphing the O Uchi Gari. This means you could be giving your opponent an early indication that you're about to use the technique. If you're taking an overly exaggerated step or shifting your body position before attempting the sweep, it could be easier for your opponent to anticipate and defend against it. 

See if can catch yourself looking down at your opponents feet This is a big telegraph and your opponent will punish you for it.

Improper balance placement: 

You might also be making the mistake of improperly setting your opponent's balance. For O uchi Gari, you WANT weight on the foot you are trying to sweep. The more weight hey have on the leg the harder it will be for them to step out of the throw. Once you have 70% of their balance weighted on one side, THEN and only then should you go for it.

Lack of Kuzushi:

It's important to remember that you need to break your opponent's balance before attempting a throw. If you don't properly execute kuzushi, you will get countered. So make sure to always focus on kuzushi before attempting any throws. You want to really drive all of your weight forward using your back leg.

Try this exercise : place both hands on the wall and push the wall as hard as you can. Now, lift up one leg off of the ground while maintaining the push. That is what it feels like to drive forward with power.

O Uchi Gari

Insufficient follow-through: 

As a Judoka, it's important to remember that following through with your technique after sweeping your opponent's leg is crucial to maintain control and execute a successful throw. Failing to follow through properly is a common mistake some Judokas make, which can result in the opponent regaining their balance and potentially countering your technique. So, make sure to always follow through with your technique to ensure success in your throws.