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Tai Otoshi high scoring technique in  Judo, but are you executing it efficiently? Here are some common mistakes that Judokas make with Tai Otoshi:

Tai Otoshi

Mistake 1: Lack of kuzushi

Maintaining good kuzushi or off-balance is crucial in Judo, especially when performing Tai Otoshi. You must ensure that you break your opponent's balance before attempting the technique. Many Judokas make the mistake of not effectively destabilizing their opponent, making it easier for the opponent to resist or counter.

To avoid poor kuzushi, you must maintain a strong posture and establish a strong grip on your opponent. You need to apply force in the right direction to break your opponent's balance and anticipate their movements to adjust your technique accordingly. You must maintain control and balance throughout the execution of the technique. Attempting Tai Otoshi without breaking your opponent's balance can result in your opponent being able to resist the throw and counterattack. This can happen due to incorrect timing, inadequate grip, or lack of physical strength. Additionally, incorrect positioning or pressure application may prevent you from destabilizing your opponent's balance.

Consistent practice and attention to detail can help you develop effective kuzushi and execute throws with greater precision and success.

Tai Otoshi

Not keeping the correct distance between you and your opponent:

When executing Judo techniques, particularly Tai Otoshi, it's crucial to maintain the correct distance or "ma-ai" from your opponent as a Judoka. However, some Judokas tend to step too far or too close to their opponent.

Stepping too far away from your opponent can make it challenging to execute Tai Otoshi as it will require covering more distance to make contact. Additionally, this can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. Conversely, stepping too close to your opponent can make it difficult to generate enough force and momentum to execute the technique successfully. Moreover, it can make it easier for your opponent to resist or counter your technique.

To execute Tai Otoshi effectively, you must maintain the correct distance from your opponent. This distance will depend on factors such as your and your opponent's height, weight, and body type, as well as the grip you are using.

To develop a better sense of distance, you need to train and practice adjusting your footwork to maintain the correct ma-ai. Consistent practice will improve your understanding of the optimal distance for executing Tai Otoshi and other Judo techniques. This, in turn, will help you improve your overall Judo skills and become a more effective Judoka.

Tai Otoshi

To avoid these mistakes, it is essential to practice Tai Otoshi while recording your live randori sessions on your phone.

Keep in mind, every time you randori, your brain thinks it's doing everything correctly, However when you check the replay, sometimes reality was very different than the way you remembered it.